Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, & Remote Presence

  • Projecting, and doing stuff while projectingby Rainsong
    Discusses various theories on where or what the “astral” is. Explains a technique for projection that starts with meditation and then involves tossing one’s consciousness or “rope climbing” out of one’s body. Includes useful visualizations and tips on what to do after projected, as well as a comparison between astral projection and OBEs.
  • Remote Presenceby Yumper
    Includes tips on how to do remote presence as well as ideas on how to practice it and various practical uses for it. Also discusses how to handle the information you get while doing it, since with enough practice, you should be able to receive data from all of your physical and non-physical senses. (Note: some people use remote presence when doing remote viewing).
  • Out of Body Experiencesby Peebrain
    Starts with an introduction to states of consciousness and how they relate to OBEs, along with a helpful mnemonic for remembering which is which. The theory presented in this article is that OBEs happen when your body is asleep but your mind is awake. Gives tips on how to achieve this including staying absolutely still, progressive relaxation, trancing, and how to avoid accidentally falling completely asleep, as well as how to tell when you’re ready to leave your body and how the process generally feels.
  • The Astral – Overview: Planes, Factions, Physics, Realityby Shard
    A companion to his lectures on tech, this lecture covers more general theories about reality and how various parts of the astral works, based on his personal experiences. Includes descriptions of the major types of astral planes, how the astral differs from the mental plane, and how planes move and are anchored to the underlying framework of reality. Outlines methods of moving between and within planes, and how the inhabitants of planes adapt to and interact with the planes. Discusses planar density at length including what types of things are found at each density, how magick behaves at the various densities, and the impact made on the fabric of reality by beings with different strengths and affinities moving through areas of different densities. Notes that the difficulty with using magick on the physical is less because of a lack of connection with the astral and more because the physical plane behaves like a super dense “prison” type plane that restricts movement into and out of it. Covers the general types, motivations, and traits of factions on the astral, interactions between them, which factions tend to be most dangerous, and how to avoid being forced into a faction. Gives an overview of physics on the astral and what properties are generally common while noting that there is a lot of variability. Details how the fabric or web of reality can be altered by a mage to change the physics of an astral area and how personal reality manipulation bubbles, pockets of reality, and layers of reality can be used. Distinguishes reality bubbles from pocket dimensions. Explains how projecting to and meeting deities and larger entities works. Also includes recommendations for experimenting safely.
  • Remote Presenceby Myriads (aka Myriad)
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Out-of-Body Experience Seminarby Metalforever
    Touches on research studies done on out of body experiences. Gives tips on how to have an OBE, including time of day, affirmations, what to do about the “vibrations” often felt, environmental factors, “Focus 10”, visualizations, and keeping a journal. Includes a list of references used.
  • Astral Projection: Your First Stepsby Float
    Discusses scientific studies that have been done involving astral projection and out of body experiences (OOBE/OBE). Explains the difference between astral projection and OOBEs, the uses of astral projection, and four stages of astral projection. Recommends daily stretching and meditation using the four phase breath as preparation for astral projection. Gives step by step instructions for several astral projection methods, including full relaxation, the cord method, rocking out of your body, body of light, and lucid dreaming.
  • Ways to Build your Psionic Abilitiesby Yumper
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy, psi manipulation, scanning, and remote viewing, including: Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Guess the Fruit, Scanning a Partner, Remote Viewing, Pass the Construct, and Remote Presence.
  • Remote Presenceby Yumper
    Recaps Yumper’s remote presence technique, and then answers quite a few questions about it. Also examines some of the theory behind the technique and what might be theoretically possible, and includes some practice suggestions.
  • Out of Body Experiences Seminarby Peebrain
    A Q&A session about OBE’s and Peebrain’s personal experience with them. Includes tips on how to successfully OBE.
  • Out of Body Experience: The Handy How-Toby Brandon
    A walk-through of how to induce an OBE, including tips on how to avoid being prematurely knocked back into your body: approaching it with the proper frame of mind, what odd occurrences and feelings to expect, and important physical preparation like position, comfort, and setting. Also includes tips on what to do once in an OBE, for example how to move, and what to do after an OBE.
  • MindScapeby LoneWolf
    An incomplete part 2 of this article can be found here.
    Summary forthcoming.
  • How to Leave Your Bodyby Peebrain
    Discusses a few theories on what out of body experiences are (like “being a ghost”, and hallucinations), but urges actually practicing and having one before trying to overly simplify what it is. Describes how to achieve an OBE by wanting it on every level so that even when your mind is in the altered state of consciousness, you still remember to want to have one.
  • Out-of-Body Experiences, The Manualby Metalforever
    Briefly outlines what to expect when trying to learn to OBE, how affirmations can help, and how to practice to increase your chance of success and avoid accidentally falling asleep. Describes how to induce an OBE using “Focus 10” (where your body is asleep but your mind is awake) and trancing. Notes that methods such as rolling out of your body or willing yourself out may help. Recommends keeping a journal of your OBE practice and experiences.
  • Connection Between Astral Projection and Precognitive Dreams?by Float
    Relates the author’s previous experience in astral projection and lucid dreaming, his sleep cycle and practice schedule, as well as what the precog dreams are like and how events later play out. Explains how his attempts at astral projection that are cut short by falling asleep combined with his mind’s pondering of future events may result in his astral self “jumping” to the future and the resulting information coming to him in dreams. Discusses the implications of this theory.
  • Lucid Dreamingby Float
    Recounts some of the history of lucid dreaming and describes the stages of lucid dreaming, noting that there are many more advanced stages to lucid dreaming besides simply being aware or able to control the dream. Overviews a couple of techniques for inducing lucid dreams, and recommends keeping a dream log. Includes suggestions for turning a lucid dream into astral projection.
  • What is the Astral?by Sentinel
    Gives the author’s opinions on what the astral plane is and is not, and cautions against treating astral projection as a toy.
  • The Myths of Astral Projectionby JediKaren
    Discusses common reasons for difficulty with astral projection, including falling asleep and fear. Addresses common worries about projection, including: meeting or being attacked by a ghost, demon, or spirit guide, getting lost, getting stuck outside one’s body, dying while on the astral plane, unpleasant sensations relating to returning to one’s physical body, and being pulled out of one’s body against one’s will.
  • Astral Propertiesby JediKaren
    Explains what the astral plane is like, and what can be done there, including manifestation and practicing of psi abilities. States that astral projection is essentially the same as out of body experiences, and discusses bilocation and trilocation.
  • Log of Astral Chat 10-25by JediKaren
    Lecture and Q&A covering theories about the various planes, astral projecting and out of body experiences, as well as methods for APing or OBEing (for example, visualizing a fan blowing your astral body out of your physical body). (Note: log is a little hard to follow because all of the screen names have been edited out.)
  • About the Astral Planeby JediKaren
    Theorizes about what the astral plane is and the types of things that can be done while astral projecting. Gives instructions for projecting by visualizing a fan blowing one’s “self” out of one’s body. (Note: the technique described is for an out of body experience rather than astral projection. Please see the glossary for clarification of these terms).
  • The Uses of Psiby JediKaren
    Describes some common problems that newbies tend to have with practicing (lack of motivation, no teacher, not knowing how to train or use abilities in everyday life). Explains situations in which various abilities can be used, including empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote presence, scanning, psychokinesis, meditation, astral projection, precognition, healing, and constructs. Warns against using psi in ways that could ruin your reputation or those of psions in general.
  • Other Skills Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about Out of Body Experiences, Pendling, Dreams and Dreamwalking, Healing, Remote Presence, Phasing, and other skills.
  • Astral Projection and OOBby Winged Wolf
    Various methods of astral projection and out of body experiences, including descriptions and energy body diagrams.
  • FAQ: Other Skillsby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about various topics including scanning, remote presence, clairovoyance, remote viewing, auras, phasing, meditation, and talking to one’s sub-conscious.
  • FAQ: Astral Projectionby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about astral projection, how to project out of your body, and what can happen while projected.
  • FAQ on Psychic Abilities and Astral Projectionby Skywind
    Answers to questions about whether psychic abilities are real, learning psychic abilities, and learning astral projection.
  • Short Exposition of the Mind-Split theory and its Importance in Astral Projectionby Clarknova
    A summary of Robert Bruce’s Multiple Mind theory from his book Astral Dynamics, and how it relates to psionics. Includes a description of some of the layers of the human energy body, and some of the author’s own experiences.

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