Astrals, Ghosts, & Other Entities

  • The Astral – Overview: Planes, Factions, Physics, Realityby Shard
    A companion to his lectures on tech, this lecture covers more general theories about reality and how various parts of the astral works, based on his personal experiences. Includes descriptions of the major types of astral planes, how the astral differs from the mental plane, and how planes move and are anchored to the underlying framework of reality. Outlines methods of moving between and within planes, and how the inhabitants of planes adapt to and interact with the planes. Discusses planar density at length including what types of things are found at each density, how magick behaves at the various densities, and the impact made on the fabric of reality by beings with different strengths and affinities moving through areas of different densities. Notes that the difficulty with using magick on the physical is less because of a lack of connection with the astral and more because the physical plane behaves like a super dense “prison” type plane that restricts movement into and out of it. Covers the general types, motivations, and traits of factions on the astral, interactions between them, which factions tend to be most dangerous, and how to avoid being forced into a faction. Gives an overview of physics on the astral and what properties are generally common while noting that there is a lot of variability. Details how the fabric or web of reality can be altered by a mage to change the physics of an astral area and how personal reality manipulation bubbles, pockets of reality, and layers of reality can be used. Distinguishes reality bubbles from pocket dimensions. Explains how projecting to and meeting deities and larger entities works. Also includes recommendations for experimenting safely.
  • Aspects of Possessionby Prophecy
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Astral Archetypesby Stolide Demens
    Discusses how there is energy associated with anything thought about, and that if enough people think about something it creates an archetype (which is how some people believe deities are created). Explains how archetypes can be created and/or used to create constructs with particular qualities; for example, sapience, loyalty, and obedience. (Note: the article on offensive constructs that he links to can be viewed here.)
  • Winged Wolf’s Parazoology Siteby Winged Wolf
    Information on a variety of astral/spirit entities that the author has observed, including: Angels, Incubus/Succubus, Old Man On The Mountain, Psi Wolves, Shakaru Na’avee, Parasitus Inhaerendi, Pijawka, Helminthion Georuchos, and Vampyr Symbiont Entities (this was part of her site on vampires).
  • FAQ: Astral Projectionby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about astral projection, how to project out of your body, and what can happen while projected.

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