Attacks & Counterattacks

  • Concerning Magical Warfareby Prophecy
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Intermediate Combatby Stolide Demens
    Gives general tips for energetic combat, including never appearing as you actually are, never using the same attack twice, and using psychology to your advantage. Explains why shields are ultimately useless and describes unconventional attacks and defenses, like using telepathic suggestion and constructs designed to test your opponent for weaknesses. Also covers affecting the physical body during combat, for example causing pain by manipulating the nerves.
  • Psionic defense and offense seminarby Forg
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Extreme Empathyby Myriads (aka Myriad)
    Gives an excellent picture of what it is like to be a strong empath, including some of the pitfalls (like the tendency to become everyone around you instead of being yourself). Explains how empathy is useful in everything from business to politics and the military, since it allows you to know other people’s personalities and imitate them to put them at ease, as well as anticipate what they want. Also illustrates how empathy can be used effective in combat, and how to control it instead of it controlling you.
  • Offensive Constructsby Stolide Demens
    Gives a detailed explanation of the design of a sentient attack construct, including the shields that protect it. Uses sub-constructs within the main construct in order to make it easier to manage all of the programming. Includes instructions for programming the construct with intelligence, as well as the ability to learn and change its own programming.
  • Defensive Combatby Stolide Demens
    Describes some techniques for beginners to defend themselves. Outlines what bubble, mirror, marshmallow, and layered shields are, as well as a basic defense strategy including a mirror shield and a leaching construct.
  • More Constructsby Rainsong
    Explains how to go from a basic psiball to making constructs in other shapes and that can do various things; for example, hopping around like a rabbit, or a functional psi-yoyo. Also describes a “spike” and a “water-bomb” psiball, which are very basic weapons that are useful for practicing sparring with, though the author warns to be careful as they can cause actual damage. Describes a couple of sparring games including the Wapping Game, Psiball Splat, and Psi Paintball, how to make a psi-construct lightsaber, and how to put a construct into a piece of jewelry so that it can be worn and triggered on command. Discusses several methods for cleaning crystals, and what kind of objects hold psi well.
  • Psionic Construct Applicationsby KMiller
    Describes ideas for constructs–many of them useful in combat situations.
  • Vamp Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
    How to conduct and defend against vamp attacks. Also discusses psi-vampires who need to feed off of other people’s energy and methods for safely vamping both psi and core energy. Includes a list of symptoms of loosing both psi and core energy.
  • Shots and Blastsby ANKA
    Descriptions of 17 energy-based attacks, how to format the energy for each, and ideas on how to use them to get past different kinds of defenses.
  • Overload Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
    Instructions on how to conduct an overload attack and how to defend against one.
  • Basic Psychic Attack Recognition and Defenseby Winged Wolf
    Symptoms of and defense strategies against overload attacks, drain attacks, and attacks which use psionics to affect one’s physical body (very dangerous).
  • Lesson 1 Constructsby Miri
    A series of pages explaining basic constructs. The pages are organized in a tree fashion which can make it tricky to navigate, so here is a list of all of the pages in order of reading:
    Not Constructs
    Hospitable Environment
    Bubble Shields
    Mirror Shields
         Inverted Shields
    Marshmallow Shields
         Energy Absorbtion
                   Complex Tethers
              Hostile or Neutral Fuel Targets
    Chaos Shields
         Programming Strains
    Custom Shields
    Reactive Shields
         Very Advanced Chaos Shields

  • Seal seminar 2by Miri
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Exoskeletal Armor: My attempts at shieldingby Chain the Warforged
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Understanding Constructsby XPWarrior3
    Explains the four principles of a construct (shape, longevity, behavior, and abilities) and how to program each. Recommends programming conceptually rather than just step-by-step. Gives several examples of constructs including virus constructs and bombs.
  • Cloaking Shieldsby Stolide Demens
    Explains what cloaking shields are and outlines how to program several types of cloaks including a general telepathic suggestion cloak (“I am not here” or “I am a tree”, for example), an empathy cloak (for hiding your emotions or broadcasting some other emotion entirely), and a psi signature cloak (for hiding your signature or broadcasting a different one). Includes tips for use during combat.
  • How to Alter Your Signatureby FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    Explains what a signature is and how to practice finding it. Describes how manipulating one’s signature can be useful in combat, and gives several methods including: masking via a cloaking shield, relocation by programming constructs with one’s signature to act as dummies, and replicating other people’s signatures onto constructs. Cautions against trying to change the signature of one’s field directly.
  • Emergency Defense Tacticsby FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    Begins with several scenarios in which one’s shields have been weakened or taken down. Describes four constructs that can be used for defense in such situations, including an “expander” for clearing one’s field rapidly, a “masker” and or “blocker” which creates a cloak or ‘pathy filter shield on command, a “sigger” to act as a decoy for your signature, and a “stamper” to imprint one’s own signature on the attacker’s shield. Explains how each of these constructs could be used in the original scenarios.
  • Psionics: The Dummies Guide by Arnick2
    Describes what psi is, what it can feel like, and how it can affect your energy system. Lists short definitions of various terms. States that it is harder to do things physically than energetically, and recommends sticking to energy. Suggests starting by learning to scan, then programming basic constructs, and practicing combat and sparring.
  • Attacks and Protection Chat Late Jan. 2008by JediKaren & The Enigma League
    Discusses the difference between shields and wards, different kinds of attacks to look out for (including empathic overloads), signs of an attack, and the steps of how to deal with an attack or an overload. Includes some tips on grounding and centering.

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