• 2008 Autumn Series – Class 1: Introduction to Psionicsby Rainsong
    A thorough introduction to the basics of psionics, including defining some common terms and describing the model of how psionics works that is taught by the Psionic Social Club. Includes several different exercises for generating and sensing energy, as well as introducing how to make a “cobweb” psiball.
  • Constructs for Noobsby Rainsong
    Outlines the minimum amount of programming needed for a basic psiball or other construct shape. Demonstrates how to gather energy using the “moving without moving” method and the cobweb method, then how to pack the energy into a psi shape, and several methods for instilling the needed programming (for instance, making sure the shape lasts instead of falling apart). Also covers several exercises for learning to sense energy.
  • 2008 Autumn Series – Class 2: Visualization, Basic Energy-Movement (Water in Pipes), Grounding (Frog Stance), Fatigue Banishingby Rainsong
    Gives an example of practicing visualization and using it to direct energy. Discusses the various uses for grounding and describes the “frog-stance” grounding technique. Also describes techniques for getting rid of fatigue and indigestion. Includes cautions about properly getting rid of the energy to be grounded.
  • Seven Years of Psi Balls (Tactile Method)by Peebrain
    Starts with an introduction to what a psiball is and how to charge your hands with psi using Robert Bruce’s tactile visualization method (essentially trying to recreate the feeling of a physical sensation on your palm). The psiball is then created by charging your hands, putting them near each other and visualizing a ball forming between them.
  • How to Chargeby Winged Wolf
    The “moving without moving” method of charging, based on the theory that psi is produced somehow by the nervous system.
  • Biofeedback and Psi Manipulationby KMiller
    How to use biofeedback to train your nerves to produce psi, and then how to form that psi into a psi ball. Note that the biofeedback is not used when creating the actual psi ball (as this would result in tricking your mind into believing there is a psi ball in your hands, rather than creating the actual psi ball), the biofeedback is only used to train your nerves to produce psi on command.
  • The Flow of Psiby Various
    Outlines an exercise for figuring out how psi feels to you, both within and outside of your body. Also explains how to gather psi.
  • Constructs for Newbiesby Lesenthe
    A very thorough and well written article which focuses primarily on the practical, but also discusses some theories which explain what is encountered in practice. Introduces and discusses constructs, subtle energy, programming, sentient constructs, and thoughtforms. Explains how to begin to sense energy, via visualization and tactile/spatial awareness, so that you can know when you’ve actually succeeded in creating a construct. Includes an excellent description of how visualization works to help learn to manipulate energy. Explains the importance of mental discipline and how to practice via focal meditation, blank-mind states, and visualization. Recommends exercises for learning to control energy. Walks through the method for creating a construct in detail (planning the complete construct blueprint, externalizing the blueprint in energetic form, and then energizing the blueprint), and sources of energy for powering the construct, also touching on the links between programmer and construct, and between construct and energy source. Devotes special attention to the human energy body and briefly introduces planar theory. Contrasts the author’s method of programming with the method commonly taught in the OEC, and explains why shelling is unnecessary. Touches on what kinds of things can be perceived in a construct and how to examine them closely to improve your skill. Overviews several types of constructs such as shields and wards, guardian constructs, and constructs that influence the physical plane.
  • Basic Energy Managementby Innerfire
    Instead of dealing with constructs like most of energy manipulation, energy management deals with moving, generating, and general efficiency of how the body uses its energy. Includes passive techniques that require an understanding of how the body and sub-conscious react to things like emotions and expectations, as well as active techniques like meditation and micro-charging/energy focusing. Explains how these techniques can be applied to charging, one’s aura/energy field, ambient energy, and energy efficiency/conservation when making constructs and doing psychokinesis. Includes cautions about trying to use these techniques to generate more energy continually without allowing the body to recover.
  • Cullen’s Energy Manipulation Class: Twoby Cullen
    Begins with an energy manipulation exercise involving controlling the way a mass of psi flows around one’s body. The second exercise involves making and shelling several psiballs simultaneously. Also includes a brief sensitivity exercise.
  • Cullen’s Energy Manipulation Class: Oneby Cullen
    Begins with a charging exercise, using the sensation of blood flowing to one’s hands after shaking them as a pattern for tactile visualization of energy. Leads step by step through creating a psiball and then wrapping it in a programmed “cloth” to create a shell. Includes instructions on “zipping” or binding a psiball into an object for storage.
  • Noon Class 1: Grounding, Charging, Shieldingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to psi energy, charging, overload, grounding, and shielding. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 1: Introductions, Charging, and Shieldingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to psi energy, charging, overload, grounding, and shielding. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Biofeedback and Psionics: An Introductionby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    Explains how biofeedback is manipulating one’s subconscious actions consciously, and gives examples of how it can be used to heal, hone, and help. Working off the assumption that psi energy is a physical energy produced and controlled by the body, the author describes a couple exercises for moving psi energy starting with biofeedback visualizations.
  • Energy Manipulation and Psiballsby Magicdood
    Briefly explains a theory of how energy manipulation works, and describes the visual and tactile visualization methods for moving energy and making that energy into a psiball.
  • Introduction to Energy Manipulation Class Seriesby Innerfire
    A series of IRC classes focusing on the basics of energy manipulation. Begins with moving energy and forming it into psiballs in Class A, shelling constructs in Class B, programming basic shields in Class C, and using visualization to communicate concepts to your sub-conscious while programming in Class D. Workshop A and Workshop B included practice and troubleshooting, while Workshop C and Workshop D were organized pass-the-construct games for practice in making and scanning constructs.
  • Cullen’s Guide to Energy Manipulationby Cullen
    Briefly overviews theories on what psi energy is and describes different ways that people feel it. Outlines a couple charging exercises to learn to move and generate psi within your body.
  • Basics Class 3: Charging and Basic Q & Aby Amaya
    Describes several methods of charging, including visualizing a body part producing more energy, moving energy from other parts of the body into an area to charge it, and feeling energy between one’s hands. Includes an exercise involving drawing on one’s hands with a “beam” of psi and some discussion of general questions.
  • KMiller’s Catch-up Lecture for Beginnersby KMiller
    Discusses theories on the origins and properties of psi energy. Explains how to feel psi energy and move it via biofeedback and visualization, how to make a psiball, and how to make a basic shield.

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