Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, et al.

  • Clairvoyanceby SunTzu
    Describes how to find a person or object clairvoyantly by asking your subconscious to show it to you (a simple yet highly effective method). Includes cautions about analytic overlay.
  • All around scanning, for shields, energy bodies and other household needsby Forg
    Explains how to connect with and extend your energy to a person or place via its energetic signature, and then hold what you are looking for in mind while asking your sub-conscious for the information. Notes that links are not necessary for scanning and how to avoid linking. Details techniques for scanning physical things as well as the energy body.
  • The Uses of Psiby JediKaren
    Describes some common problems that newbies tend to have with practicing (lack of motivation, no teacher, not knowing how to train or use abilities in everyday life). Explains situations in which various abilities can be used, including empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote presence, scanning, psychokinesis, meditation, astral projection, precognition, healing, and constructs. Warns against using psi in ways that could ruin your reputation or those of psions in general.
  • Psionics, how to get better without practiceby Stolide Demens
    Explains how to incorporate psionics into everyday life so that separate practice sessions are no longer necessary. Lists ideas for telepathy, psychokinesis, empathy, energy manipulation, clairvoyance, and healing.
  • Pendlingby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Explains how pendling (also called pendulum dowsing) can be used to communicate with the sub-conscious for things like clairvoyance, precognition, and retrieving forgotten memories or hidden motivations. Describes objects that make good pendulums, how to hold the pendulum, and how to calibrating your pendulum for each session by asking questions with known answers. Also discusses how to pendle for questions that have more than yes/no answers, pendling for geographical locations, and how to avoid contaminating the results.
  • Basic Scanningby Dan
    Provides a working definition of scanning. Discusses how visual scanning data may be “seen” and how different people experience it. Includes an explanation of how to target someone or something’s signature for scanning, several techniques for gathering scanning data, and some cautions about analytical overlay.
  • Ways to Build your Psionic Abilitiesby Yumper
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy, psi manipulation, scanning, and remote viewing, including: Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Guess the Fruit, Scanning a Partner, Remote Viewing, Pass the Construct, and Remote Presence.
  • Receiving Images Using your Subconsciousby Peebrain
    Explains what a hypnagogic state is, and how it can be used to receive clear images from your subconscious. Gives examples and tips from the author’s own experiences.
  • Drop and Drift Methodby KMiller
    Describes a couple methods for clairvoyance involving entering a trance (drop) and then “zooming in” on your target (drift). Adapted from traditional Military Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols.
  • Various Exercises For Development of Psi Abilitiesby Psion Guild
    Outlines games and exercises for sensing energy, sensing heat, mirroring another person by following their energy, pushing with energy, predicting (whether through telepathy, remote viewing, or precognition) what cards will be dealt next, games to play with energy when around crowds of people, identifying signatures, construct creation, shielding and cloaking, and psionic modifications of the game of chess.
  • Orion’s Lessons Seriesby Orion
    Rather than being an introduction to general psionics, this series covers the methods used specifically by the author. Tends to use energy manipulation for all techniques, even those that are mainly mental.
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Feeling and Manipulating Psi (also published on Shifted Perspectives as Feeling and Using Psi)
    Lesson 3: Understanding Constructs
    Lesson 4: Grounding
    Lesson 4.5: Binding
    Lesson 5: Basic Empathy
    Lesson 6: Basic Telepathy
    Lesson 6.5: Telepathic Suggestion
    Lesson 7: Basic Remote Viewing
    Lesson 8: Linking, a How-To
    Lesson 9: Basic Scanning
    Lesson 10: Basic Astral Projection (never posted)
  • Aura Sight: To See What Others Stopped Seeingby Snowind
    Explains what an aura is and how it can be seen either with the eyes or with Kirlian photography. Describes how to see auras with your peripheral vision by focusing on the person’s third eye chakra (Note: this method is similar to the eye fatigue method of “aura sight” and has more to do with the physiology of the eye than with actually seeing energy. Please research and proceed with caution.). Includes a list of colors and possible meanings (though these can vary depending on the person), as well as information about what can affect the colors seen in the aura.
  • FAQ: Other Skillsby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about various topics including scanning, remote presence, clairovoyance, remote viewing, auras, phasing, meditation, and talking to one’s sub-conscious.
  • Precognition, the Green Mango Wayby Green Mango
    Gives a basic explanation of what precog is. Describes a way to practice precognition with a desk of cards (note: the technique is more for general clairvoyance than for precognition specifically). Includes a few of the author’s personal experiences with precog.

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