Developing New Abilities

  • How to Practiceby Peebrain
    Explains how to learn and practice psionics from articles. Mentions that working skills into daily life is even more effective than isolated practice sessions.
  • Building the Psychokinetic Muscleby Aurafire
    A look at the various health concerns, myths, and methods for macro-psychokinesis the author has come across over his many years practicing psionics. This article serves as a snapshot of his very good working notes.
  • Priming Your Practice and Life Through Future Selectionby Kettle
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Psionic Mindset – LPSCby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    An excerpt from a CIA document describing the state of mind and thought processes that the subject used for practicing.
  • Overcoming Doubt in Psiby DarthPato (aka WStyler)
    An article on self-skepticism, and breaking it. Includes links to some information from a skeptic’s website, the Boundary Institute (Note: while the page is no longer available, information can be found on the study here), and a scientific paper on whether or not psi exists by Dr. Daryl J. Bem. Tells the author’s own personal battle with skepticism and self-doubt and gives pointers on how to get rid of it. Explains the barriers beginners face with self-doubt.
  • How Do You Know It’s Real? ( Basic Psionics )by Peebrain
    While the results of intentional exercises like remote viewing or telepathy practice with a partner are easy to verify, real life application of psionic abilities can be more difficult to verify. The author encourages skepticism at first, balanced by an open mind and lots of practice. Gives an example of practicing empathy and how the ability comes more naturally and with more confidence.
  • The mentality of learning Psionicsby Daimon
    Stresses the importance of practice and hard consistent work when learning psionics. Notes that there are normally plateaus during training, as well as times of rapid improvement.
  • Intermediate Energyworkingby Stolide Demens
    Describes methods for accomplishing your intent beyond the usual energy working methods and constructs, including direct intent, omnimancy/tech, and reality manipulation. Also recommends experimenting with combinations of different energy types or creating your own patterns of energy. Briefly mentions portals and various theories about changing how a thing “exists”. Outlines some of the author’s own experiments, as well as his opinions about how to measure one’s ability.
  • Does Belief Matter?by Float
    Explores the factors that lead to those who believe something is possible sometimes getting more results than those who do not believe, including persistence in practicing and not arbitrarily dismissing results as coincidence. Notes that it is still possible for those who do not believe psionics is possible to achieve results through consistent practice.
  • A Different Methodby JediKaren
    An introduction to the types of resources available for learning psionics. Includes tips on how to recognize a good site or practice group, how to find a one-on-one teacher, and practicing in chatrooms. Describes different ways of training including games, lessons, and experimentation, but warns against training methods that cost money. Recommends journaling and sticking to a schedule.
  • Maintaining a Schedule Successfullyby Metalforever
    Outlines how practicing daily is important to succeeding as a psion. Describes how to make a useful schedule with concrete, achievable goals.
  • Troubleshooting Psionics: Volume Twoby InnerFire
    Addresses more causes for problems in psionics, some of which are less common. Includes more advice about trusting yourself and how perception, belief, and underlying issues can affect ability. Makes recommendations on how to push one’s limits safely, encourages relaxation and avoiding frustration, and gives more detail on how to use coincidental reinforcement. Explains how to progress psionically via visualization, and encourages finding your own methods rather than limiting yourself to other’s methods. Also outlines how utilizing energy efficiently can be important and how emotional state affects progress. Notes the role of the sub-conscious and how personifying it can cause problems. Includes a very valuable and detailed recommendations on how and who to ask for help.
  • Troubleshooting Psionics: Volume Oneby InnerFire
    Outlines several common causes for problems in psionics, as well as how to solve them, including: mental blocks (may be resolved by reasoning, affirmations, tricking oneself, relaxation, planning, and coincidental reinforcement), lack of progress (may be resolved first and foremost by practice, understanding energy consumption and that sometimes there are “off days”), and more extenuating circumstances (like psi-vamps or those with naturally low energy production, personality and mental problems, and stress).
  • Getting Motivated with GreatSheepKingby SheepKing
    Lists several suggestions for keeping motivated to practice, including setting a practice schedule, practicing with friends, listening to music, using your imagination while practicing, focusing on the future goal, and developing will power.
  • Beyond Visualizationby Anonymous
    Describes how to advance from doing energy manipulation via visualization to just doing it–the same way one moves one’s arm, for example. Also makes the distinction between this and “muscle memory” (aka anchors or triggers).
  • Overcoming Mediocre Resultsby Peebrain
    Explains how one’s mindset and goals when approaching psionics play a large part in whether one achieves mediocre as opposed to notable results. Describes the common phases people go through when learning psionics, and how being creative and taking personal responsibility for one’s practice is crucial. Also describes how to be open-minded in a healthy way, and how that can help in psychic development.
  • Improving Your Techniqueby Maverick1
    Recommends memorizing the techniques and exercises that you want to practice before doing them as a step to improving your technique.
  • Communicating with your Subconsciousby Peebrain
    Most techniques given for getting better at psionic abilities are essentially indirect ways to communication to your sub-conscious what you want to do, clearly enough that it does it. This article outlines a more direct way of communicating with the sub-conscious that can be used for everyday things like being able to remember more or getting good grades, or for psionic things like developing or improving abilities.
  • How To Trigger Abilitiesby Winged Wolf
    Recommends using the psi abilities chart to locate the nerve cluster commonly associated with the ability and what format of energy to use. For input (sensing) abilities, send energy from the nerve cluster to the target and sense what bounces back. For output (affecting) abilities, send energy at the target.
  • Fundamental Dynamic Psiby Mobius, Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII), & Remakai
    A set of instructional articles on the basics of psionics. In order:
    Future Selection
    1) Introduction and Focal Meditation (links to Focal Meditation by Kobok as the lesson)
    2) Introduction to Kinetics (links to Introduction to Kinetics by Kobok as the lesson)
    3) Introduction to Future Selection
    4) Psions: Masters of Transformation
    5) Introduction to Inner Meditation and Linking
    6) Introduction to Scanning
    7) Introduction to the Conceptual Domain
    Energy Manipulation
    8) Introduction to Energy
    9) Constructs, Grounding, and Filtering
  • Psionics- Taking Breaksby Saintbob
    A video discussing how a series of short practice sessions can be more effective and healthy than very long sessions with no breaks. Also warns against practicing while online because of the distractions.
  • Psionics- Practice and Motivationby Saintbob
    A video discussing how practice is necessary for learning psionics, and how excuses don’t really help. Gives some recommendations for staying motivated and working time for practice into your life.
  • Self Improvementby Neveza
    Begins with a discussion of what psionics is and what makes a technique work (communication with one’s subconscious, intent, and will). Finishes with a game of pass the construct to practice developing techniques.
  • Podcast 3by JediKaren & The Adfeng
    A recording covering the speakers’ opinions on what psi is and how it feels, the best ways to practice things like psiballs, grounding, shielding, meditation, and various other training methods. Also covers how to practice safely and handle overloads and attacks.
  • Doing Psionics For the Right Reasonsby Saintbob
    A video discussing why people get frustrated with psionics and recommends not practicing psionics or particular abilities if you don’t enjoy them. Stresses doing what makes you happy.

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