Divination & Tarot

  • Runic Magicby Prophecy
    Introduces the Elder Futhark runes and the meanings of each, as well as listing several commonly used groups of runes. Describes some of the mythology behind the runes and their significance within the Asatru religious tradition that they are a part of, including a quotation of the part of the Havamal that refers to the runes. While the author does not approve of trying to divine the future, he does explain how to properly draw them for divination like the three-rune, five-rune, and runic cross spreads. Also lists the Oral Galdr which is used to vibrate each rune when using them in magick, and provides examples of how they could be used. Describes how to create, charge, and use a bind rune, noting where the process is similar to or differs from sigil magick.

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