Grounding & Centering

  • Grounding and Centeringby Tetra
    An excellent and thorough article including methods for grounding to release excess energy and re-centering your awareness to yourself. Also includes reasons for doing so and situations in which it may be necessary.
  • Maintaining Your Fieldby FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    Explains how a person’s energy field naturally collects “dirt” and the importance of keeping one’s field clean and healthy. Gives several visualizations for cleaning the field and recommends rattling as well. Describes a visualization for an often overlooked part of field maintenance: repairing holes, dents, and unevenness. Points out that if a person isn’t healthy, their field will not be either, and explains the importance of proper exercise, diet, sleep, and energy flow to a healthy field.
  • Grounding and Shieldingby Dlos
    Explains the uses of grounding and shielding, and addresses some common problems and mistakes. Outlines the method for a very thorough kind of grounding and energy system cleaning that uses earth energy, and describes how to make a basic shield out of earth energy. Also includes some links to other articles on grounding, centering, and shielding.
  • Centeringby Rainsong
    Describes the benefits of centering and what someone who is uncentered may “look” and “feel” like vs. someone who is centered. Gives a couple of visualization techniques for quickly calming one’s mind in the moment, as well as a more disciplined series of breathing and meditation exercises to practice to help one be aware of what one’s thoughts are like as opposed to other people’s. Includes other exercises for improving memory and communication with the sub-conscious.
  • Groundingby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Explains the theory behind grounding, and some practical applications of doing so. Describes some alternatives to traditional grounding, including the “rattling” and “burn off” techniques. Also covers grounding other people and the effect of emotion on one’s field. Mentions the use of several types of crystals in grounding.
  • Field Refinementby Archaic
    Explains how to ground, center, and clean your energy field utilizing breathing and relaxation exercises. Also gives techniques for dislodging the more stubborn kinds of energy “gunk”.
  • You’re Grounded!by JediKaren
    Explains the difference between empathic overload and energy overload. Describes two methods of grounding excess energy: the “golden roots” method which uses visualized tree roots, and simply moving excess energy down through your body toward the ground. Cautions against panicking during an overload.
  • Basic Energy Managementby Innerfire
    Instead of dealing with constructs like most of energy manipulation, energy management deals with moving, generating, and general efficiency of how the body uses its energy. Includes passive techniques that require an understanding of how the body and sub-conscious react to things like emotions and expectations, as well as active techniques like meditation and micro-charging/energy focusing. Explains how these techniques can be applied to charging, one’s aura/energy field, ambient energy, and energy efficiency/conservation when making constructs and doing psychokinesis. Includes cautions about trying to use these techniques to generate more energy continually without allowing the body to recover.
  • Grounding and Centeringby Mistyck
    Defines grounding and describes a visualization exercise to run psi through the body and wash out energetic “debris”. Also defines centering as focusing energy to do what you want, and gives a focusing exercise to help with that.
  • 2008 Autumn Series – Class 2: Visualization, Basic Energy-Movement (Water in Pipes), Grounding (Frog Stance), Fatigue Banishingby Rainsong
    Gives an example of practicing visualization and using it to direct energy. Discusses the various uses for grounding and describes the “frog-stance” grounding technique. Also describes techniques for getting rid of fatigue and indigestion. Includes cautions about properly getting rid of the energy to be grounded.
  • Basics Class 4: Groundingby Solet
    Describes what grounding is, and what it is useful for. Includes techniques such as “pushing” dirty energy into the earth, grounding into an object (and cleaning the object afterward), and grounding through a conduit into the ground. Includes discussion of automatic grounding and assisted grounding, as well as cautions on what can go wrong if you try to ground someone else incorrectly. Briefly explains a basic centering technique for both your mind and energy field.
  • Noon Class 1: Grounding, Charging, Shieldingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to psi energy, charging, overload, grounding, and shielding. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 1: Introductions, Charging, and Shieldingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to psi energy, charging, overload, grounding, and shielding. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Fundamental Dynamic Psiby Mobius, Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII), & Remakai
    A set of instructional articles on the basics of psionics. In order:
    Future Selection
    1) Introduction and Focal Meditation (links to Focal Meditation by Kobok as the lesson)
    2) Introduction to Kinetics (links to Introduction to Kinetics by Kobok as the lesson)
    3) Introduction to Future Selection
    4) Psions: Masters of Transformation
    5) Introduction to Inner Meditation and Linking
    6) Introduction to Scanning
    7) Introduction to the Conceptual Domain
    Energy Manipulation
    8) Introduction to Energy
    9) Constructs, Grounding, and Filtering
  • Orion’s Lessons Seriesby Orion
    Rather than being an introduction to general psionics, this series covers the methods used specifically by the author. Tends to use energy manipulation for all techniques, even those that are mainly mental.
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Feeling and Manipulating Psi (also published on Shifted Perspectives as Feeling and Using Psi)
    Lesson 3: Understanding Constructs
    Lesson 4: Grounding
    Lesson 4.5: Binding
    Lesson 5: Basic Empathy
    Lesson 6: Basic Telepathy
    Lesson 6.5: Telepathic Suggestion
    Lesson 7: Basic Remote Viewing
    Lesson 8: Linking, a How-To
    Lesson 9: Basic Scanning
    Lesson 10: Basic Astral Projection (never posted)
  • Psi Balls and Basic Constructsby Dangpp
    Defines psi as energy made by the mind, and gives some basic ideas about learning to feel it. Explains how to make psiballs using cupped hands as a focus, as well as the concept of programming and some general ideas of what constructs to start with. Also recommends grounding in order to avoid or relieve overload.
  • Basics Class 6: Centeringby Amaya
    Describes what centering is, how important it is to basic self-care, and how it can aid in practice effectiveness and general awareness. Includes a couple of visualization and breathing techniques for calming the mind and becoming aware of one’s thoughts.
  • Podcast 3by JediKaren & The Adfeng
    A recording covering the speakers’ opinions on what psi is and how it feels, the best ways to practice things like psiballs, grounding, shielding, meditation, and various other training methods. Also covers how to practice safely and handle overloads and attacks.
  • Attacks and Protection Chat Late Jan. 2008by JediKaren & The Enigma League
    Discusses the difference between shields and wards, different kinds of attacks to look out for (including empathic overloads), signs of an attack, and the steps of how to deal with an attack or an overload. Includes some tips on grounding and centering.

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