Healing & Wellness Systems

  • Basics Class 11: Non-psionic Healing Modalitiesby Nevyn
    Gives a history of Usui Reiki and an explanation of the various attunements. Includes information on the energy type itself and a demo for scanning, as well as for two other types of Reiki (Karuna and Kundalini) that the teacher has found useful. Briefly discusses Chios and Therapeutic Touch.
  • Reflexologyby Kiwi Kid
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Healing Manualby Annie
    Outlines several techniques including both those that can be used in person or over a distance: Pulling the problem out of the body psionically, Reiki (physical, and emotional/mental healing), massage, acupuncture, and cupping. Includes some examples of conditions that the healing techniques can be applied to. Encourages thorough knowledge of the body and what is going wrong before attempting healing, and stresses the importance of getting permission from the person to be healed.
  • An Introduction to Reikiby Kara
    Explains that Reiki is a type of energy manipulation used for healing. Mentions some of the origins of the system briefly, and some of the spiritual ideals that are often taught. Stresses that attunements are necessary, describes the levels of attunement, and recounts the author’s experience. Includes suggestions for further reading.

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