Health & Psychology

  • Health Issuesby Rainsong
    A thorough explanation of the relation of potassium and sugars to psionic activity. Includes observations about why and how psionic activity can affect potassium and blood sugar levels, and suggestions for types of foods that can help as well as when is the best time to consume them in relation to practice.
  • On the Thought Processes of the Majority: A Telepath’s Analysisby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    An intriguing analysis of three different patterns of thought (Word thinkers, Slow Concept thinkers, and Fast Concept thinkers) and how the patterns play into both understanding others and being understood by others telepathically.
  • Maintaining Your Fieldby FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    Explains how a person’s energy field naturally collects “dirt” and the importance of keeping one’s field clean and healthy. Gives several visualizations for cleaning the field and recommends rattling as well. Describes a visualization for an often overlooked part of field maintenance: repairing holes, dents, and unevenness. Points out that if a person isn’t healthy, their field will not be either, and explains the importance of proper exercise, diet, sleep, and energy flow to a healthy field.
  • Medical Issuesby Rainsong
    Explains how psionics, if practiced without taking appropriate precautions, can kill you. Discusses various medical issues in relation to the practice of psionics, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, and hypokalemia. Includes lists of warning signs and precautions that should be taken. Also discusses how psionic healing can go wrong if the healer does not have enough knowledge about anatomy and physiology. Notes that the idea that psi can only be used for good and if the healer has good intentions they can’t do any harm is wrong.
  • Remote Viewing Class 6: Stage 4by Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class introducing stage 4 of remote viewing, the first stage which starts unpacking the data from the session–turning vague impressions into something actionable. Warns against trying to move ahead too quickly. Also includes some health cautions and what to do in case of burnout.
  • A Warningby Rainsong
    Yes, I know…it’s been pretty bare here, lately. Today, there’s just a quick note: if you have kidney problems, be extra careful in watching for any untoward symptoms while you’re practicing. One of the things that they tell people on dialysis is to limit potassium intake as much as possible. The […]
  • Building the Psychokinetic Muscleby Aurafire
    A look at the various health concerns, myths, and methods for macro-psychokinesis the author has come across over his many years practicing psionics. This article serves as a snapshot of his very good working notes.
  • RV Psychological Evaluation – LPSCby KMiller
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Understanding Basic Human Needsby LadyKalee
    Explains how human needs can be met constructively or destructively, and how trauma can impact the meeting of needs. Describes three systems that categorize and rank human needs, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Anthony Robbins’ six basic human needs. Explores pairs of needs that seem to be paradoxical and must be kept in balance, and digs into how some of the various needs can be expressed in positive or negative ways. Includes a few exercises to explore one’s own needs and and how they are being met.
  • Mindfulness Meditation and The Breath: An Introductionby Float
    Explains how breathing affects the physical body, especially the lymph system, as well as the mind and emotions. Describes what mindfulness meditation is, its purpose, and how it can be practiced throughout daily life. Walks through sitting meditation starting with a body scan and relaxation, and then focusing on the breath. Gives tips on walking meditation.
  • Stress and Effectively Managing Itby Float
    Overviews common causes of stress and the negative effects it has on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. Lists some ways to help manage stress including meditation, exercise, eating healthy, yoga, counting, and getting enough sleep.
  • Solar Flaresby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    A discussion of environmental factors that have an effect on psionic activities, including drugs, hypnosis, diet, solar winds, and weather. Includes some suggestions for further reading.
  • Oomph – or Getting results from Psionics (Class 2)by RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Points out the visualization is not enough to accomplish psionics or magick. Discusses what psi is and some of its history. Since the sub-conscious seems to do most or all of psionics, visualization is used to communicate one’s intent to the sub-conscious. Illustrates this concept with an exercise for making a “cobweb” psiball. Also addresses psionic’s effect on blood sugar.
  • The Ebb and Flow Of Psionicsby Brandon
    Explanations of and advice about various physical and psychological problems that can cause a decrease in your psi abilities.
  • Psi-Friendly Recipesby Chesh & RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Recipes rich in nutrients helpful to psions, including Munchie Bars, Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies, Peanut Butter stuff, and Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore.
  • Psi Munchies! Foods which may be particularly good for psisby Winged Wolf
    Recipes for snack bars and smoothies, with lots of good information about nutrient content and how much of each to eat.
  • Fundamental Dynamic Psiby Mobius, Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII), & Remakai
    A set of instructional articles on the basics of psionics. In order:
    Future Selection
    1) Introduction and Focal Meditation (links to Focal Meditation by Kobok as the lesson)
    2) Introduction to Kinetics (links to Introduction to Kinetics by Kobok as the lesson)
    3) Introduction to Future Selection
    4) Psions: Masters of Transformation
    5) Introduction to Inner Meditation and Linking
    6) Introduction to Scanning
    7) Introduction to the Conceptual Domain
    Energy Manipulation
    8) Introduction to Energy
    9) Constructs, Grounding, and Filtering
  • The Occult Anatomyby Prophecy
    Summary forthcoming.
  • RV Medical Evaluations – LPSCby KMiller
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Recharging Methodsby ILuvEire
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Healthy Living: An Introductionby Float
    Explains how overall wellness and physical exercise should be a part of any serious metaphysical practitioner’s practice. Gives tips on how to improve physical and spiritual wellness.
  • Psionics- Taking Breaksby Saintbob
    A video discussing how a series of short practice sessions can be more effective and healthy than very long sessions with no breaks. Also warns against practicing while online because of the distractions.
  • Universal Psychic Hazard Symbolby The Psion Guild
    The symbol used to denote psychic hazard, as well as a description of the 10-level rating system and the potential amount and type of harm caused at each level.
  • FAQ: Healingby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about both healing others and oneself, the kinds of things that are possible, and how to practice healing safely.
  • FAQ: Energy Manipulationby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about energy work, training safely, psiballs, and constructs.
  • Ouch! The Dangers of Psiby NeoPsychic
    Covers psychokinesis, energy manipulation, and telepathy, as well as briefly covering empathy, remote viewing, and astral projection. Describes what the author considers to be beginner, intermediate, and advanced forms of the abilities, although they are rather arbitrary and in many cases very ill-informed, as well as the various possible dangers that the author believes may accompany each. Suggests shields as the solution to most of the problems.
  • Podcast 3by JediKaren & The Adfeng
    A recording covering the speakers’ opinions on what psi is and how it feels, the best ways to practice things like psiballs, grounding, shielding, meditation, and various other training methods. Also covers how to practice safely and handle overloads and attacks.

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