Humor & Games

  • Psi-Related Humorby Various
    Psi-related jokes, graphics, and quotes. Reading these made it very difficult to keep a straight face while I was at work!
  • GotPsi On-Line Psi Testsby IONS
    Originally created in 2000 by the Boundary Institute, the site was transferred to the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 2015. The psi-related tests are based on lab experiements. To access them you’ll need to register, but it only requires a username and password, then they ask you to fill out a confidential survey. Includes: card test, sequential card test, card draw test, remote viewing test, quick remote viewing test, location test, and lottery test. Note that the data collected is used by IONS for their research (some of which is available here.) but the results are not attached to your personal data.
  • Paintball Preparationsby Orion
    A quick collection of ideas for variants of paintballs and gaming shields.
  • More Constructsby Rainsong
    Explains how to go from a basic psiball to making constructs in other shapes and that can do various things; for example, hopping around like a rabbit, or a functional psi-yoyo. Also describes a “spike” and a “water-bomb” psiball, which are very basic weapons that are useful for practicing sparring with, though the author warns to be careful as they can cause actual damage. Describes a couple of sparring games including the Wapping Game, Psiball Splat, and Psi Paintball, how to make a psi-construct lightsaber, and how to put a construct into a piece of jewelry so that it can be worn and triggered on command. Discusses several methods for cleaning crystals, and what kind of objects hold psi well.
  • Bored Silly by Your Regular PK Practice?by Rainsong
    A list of creative and fun ways to practice psychokinesis, including dogfighting paper airplanes, affecting the movement of bubbles and small toys, bending spoons, playing pool, and affecting video games and computer programs.
  • Guess The Fruitby Rainsong
    Describes how to practice telepathic sending and receiving with the game Guess-the-Fruit. Includes a helpful list of common fruits and vegetables.
  • Fun Things to do with Telepathic Projectionsby Rainsong
    Describes how to practice telepathic sending and receiving by projecting visual images or other sensory data to partners. Gives several suggestions for games involving this technique.
  • Ways to Build your Psionic Abilitiesby Yumper
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy, psi manipulation, scanning, and remote viewing, including: Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Guess the Fruit, Scanning a Partner, Remote Viewing, Pass the Construct, and Remote Presence.
  • Various Exercises For Development of Psi Abilitiesby Psion Guild
    Outlines games and exercises for sensing energy, sensing heat, mirroring another person by following their energy, pushing with energy, predicting (whether through telepathy, remote viewing, or precognition) what cards will be dealt next, games to play with energy when around crowds of people, identifying signatures, construct creation, shielding and cloaking, and psionic modifications of the game of chess.
  • Throwing and Sending Psiballsby TKKid
    How to send or “throw” psiballs at people for games like Pass the Construct using programming and visualization. Includes a rather extensive discussion on how to aim properly (Note: be careful not to limit your subconscious by thinking that aiming is difficult, most if not all of it can be accomplished by simple intent).
  • Psionic Paintball and other Simple Psionic Gamesby Rainsong
    Psionic games involving the psiball, including: psi-yoyo, juggling, psi-squooshie, water fight, and paintball.
  • Psi-Gamesby SheepKing
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy and psi manipulation, including: Colors and Shapes, Guess the Fruit, Ping-Pong, Wall Projection, Hack-And-Seek, Field-Scan, Psi Conductor, Pass the construct, Beach Ball, Cooperative PsiBall, and Psi-Paintball.
  • Numbers Gameby Apollo
    A downloadable Java game for practicing predicting (precognition) or viewing (clairvoyance) a computer generated number.
  • Podcast 3by JediKaren & The Adfeng
    A recording covering the speakers’ opinions on what psi is and how it feels, the best ways to practice things like psiballs, grounding, shielding, meditation, and various other training methods. Also covers how to practice safely and handle overloads and attacks.

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