Individual Variation & Genetics

  • Overview of Real Vampirismby Winged Wolf
    Describes the traits of two types of vampires including sanguinarian (those who feed on blood, which the author says is because they need core/life energy) and psi vamps (those who feed on psi/auric energy).
    Discuses various causes for the conditions as well as possible cures and the concept of “turning”. The author stresses the importance of personal choice and honesty in both cases.
  • On the Current State of Psi Geneticsby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Mesmerismby Winged Wolf
    Discusses mesmerism (temporarily paralyzing someone): an ability that sanguinarian vampires and psi-vamps are theorized to be naturally strong in. Explains the effects, limitations, dangers, the mindset that is needed, how to do it in person (traditional eye-contact style) and over a distance. Includes a log of the practice sessions.
  • Epigenetics and Psiby VoidPsion
    Describes how chemical markers can determine what genes are expressed, and theorizes that psi ability is one such trait that can be either expressed or not depending on environmental factors.
  • Explorations of the Energetic Bodyby Stolide Demens
    Theorizes that the energetic body is essentially a thoughtform created by the person’s thoughts (and others’ thoughts about the person), as well as how this relates to phoenixes/generators and therians/otherkin. Describes the mental body and how it relates to telepathy, and gives an overview of common structures in the energy body including meridians and chakras.
  • Real Vampiresby Winged Wolf
    A class log which begins by addressing misconceptions about real vampires, both from the media and from paranormal writers. Goes over the types of vampires (sanguinarian and psi), and common traits and causes of each. Discusses the vampire community as a whole, as well as legal issues involved in vampirism.
  • Vamp Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
    How to conduct and defend against vamp attacks. Also discusses psi-vampires who need to feed off of other people’s energy and methods for safely vamping both psi and core energy. Includes a list of symptoms of loosing both psi and core energy.
  • Psychic Vampires and Other Vampire-Like Personsby Winged Wolf
    Describes different types and traits of psychic vampires, including psi vamps, pranic vamps, and otherkin vampires. Includes discussion of energy body structures, and references the author’s Psi Genetics Hypothesis.
  • Contemplations on Modern Insanityby Myriads (aka Myriad)
    Points out some psychological reasons that some people may claim to be non-human or even fictional characters. Tries to clear up some of the misconceptions that all psions are aliens, part animal, or vampires.
  • Birth-switch vs. Spectrumby Winged Wolf
    A forum post clarifying what “birth-switches” are and if they can be identified in children. Also discusses the relationship between “birth-switch” and “ability spectrum”, and how this can be useful in training. The previous post by Daimon in the thread offers another perspective about developing one’s abilities.
  • Basics Class 8: Scanningby Amaya
    Discusses the types of things that scanning can be used for. Explains the “averted vision” technique for seeing things that are very faint, using stars as an example, and how to use this to see differences between a normal hand and one that is charged with energy. Includes practice in distance scanning and information about scanning for “birthswitches”, one of the Guild’s theories.
  • Energy Level Graphby ANKA
    Graphs for visualizing the relative psi-output of various “birth-switches”. (For information on what the Psion Guild’s “birth-switch” theory is, go here.)
  • Psi Genetics Hypothesisby Winged Wolf & ANKA
    Groups psions by whether or not they are born with the abilities or have to learn them, and speculates about a possible genetic link. Also describes sets of abilities that have been observed by the authors. Calling these sets “special” or “rare” has led to a lot of controversy. Please read the explanation at the beginning, and note that even within the theory, a “birth-switch” only describes what abilities a person begins with, not what level of ability they will be able to achieve with practice. (Note: the information about “birth-switches” was recently copied into its own article, separate from the genetics hypothesis. It is mostly identical information except for the introduction, and can be viewed here.)
  • Therianthropyby Winged Wolf
    Introduces the concept and history of wereanimals which are traditionally humans that can take the mind and shape of an animal. Tries to dispel misconceptions about the idea, and explains that while physical shifting is most likely impossible, many people today (who call themselves therians or sometimes otherkin) feel they can shift mentally into an animal. Includes a link to the author’s personal therianthropy experiences, Theriotype-Specific Resource Pages, Therianthropy Theories detailing possible causes for therianthropy (transmigration, imprinting, primal association, totems, brain abnormalities, and psychic connection), and a short glossary (mostly involving terms for different kinds of “shifts”.
  • Innate Blood Vampirismby Winged Wolf
    Theorizes about innate sanguinarian vampirism, as opposed to that caused by the symbiote entity described here.

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