• Linkingby Gnome
    Explains what links are, how they can be useful, and how they can be dangerous–including what being linked to a person is like. Describes a couple of ways of establishing a link, programming it to transfer only what you want it to, and severing a link. Warns that links should NOT be attempted if one does not have the energy working ability to also sever the link.
  • Energetic Cords and Tendrilsby Rainsong
    You will find that many terms in common usage in psionics are simply descriptive, rather than being imaginative. In most cases, such terms are either derived from radio or computer jargon because of obvious similarities in effect, of pulled straight from normal vocabulary because of some likeness or another. Signal, Sending, Receiving, and Ping are […]
  • Orion’s Lessons Seriesby Orion
    Rather than being an introduction to general psionics, this series covers the methods used specifically by the author. Tends to use energy manipulation for all techniques, even those that are mainly mental.
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Feeling and Manipulating Psi (also published on Shifted Perspectives as Feeling and Using Psi)
    Lesson 3: Understanding Constructs
    Lesson 4: Grounding
    Lesson 4.5: Binding
    Lesson 5: Basic Empathy
    Lesson 6: Basic Telepathy
    Lesson 6.5: Telepathic Suggestion
    Lesson 7: Basic Remote Viewing
    Lesson 8: Linking, a How-To
    Lesson 9: Basic Scanning
    Lesson 10: Basic Astral Projection (never posted)
  • Scanning Seminar Logby Stony1205 & FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    An exercise in a couple methods of telepathic linking and probing. Includes tips on following the flow of someone else’s thoughts, as well as how to break the link.
  • Binding Constructs to Objectsby Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII)
    Gives several applications of how binding a construct to an object could be useful. Describes several ways for making sure the construct “sticks” to the object, including visualization, melting, weaving, linking, or “vacuuming” the construct into the object.
  • Telepathic Linking and Scanningby Annie
    Describes “tendril” and “utility belt” techniques for linking, and how to receive or probe for ‘pathic data by pulling it through the link.
  • Telepathy Seminarby KMiller
    A seminar based on The Telepathy Manual by KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad. Compares telepathy to remote viewing, and covers clearing the mind, psi signatures, pinging, and links. Answers questions from those who attended, includes practice sessions.
  • An Easy Guide to Nifty Triggeringby Gnome
    This technique describes creating a construct with your target’s signature and field. Telepathic sending, pinging, and other such techniques can then be sent to the construct, and will be transferred by it to the target. This acts as a shortcut to actually scanning and finding your target each time, and seems to cut down on spontaneous linking.
  • How To Create Psionic Linksby Winged Wolf
    Basic methods for creating and breaking links, as well as how to deal with unwanted links from others.
  • Noon Class 2: Energy sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linkingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to energy sensing, signatures, active and passive scanning, and linking. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 2: Energy Sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linkingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to energy sensing, signatures, active and passive scanning, and linking. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Fundamental Dynamic Psiby Mobius, Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII), & Remakai
    A set of instructional articles on the basics of psionics. In order:
    Future Selection
    1) Introduction and Focal Meditation (links to Focal Meditation by Kobok as the lesson)
    2) Introduction to Kinetics (links to Introduction to Kinetics by Kobok as the lesson)
    3) Introduction to Future Selection
    4) Psions: Masters of Transformation
    5) Introduction to Inner Meditation and Linking
    6) Introduction to Scanning
    7) Introduction to the Conceptual Domain
    Energy Manipulation
    8) Introduction to Energy
    9) Constructs, Grounding, and Filtering
  • Article on Linking, Pinging, Sending, Receivingby Master Wolf
    Summary forthcoming.
  • All around scanning, for shields, energy bodies and other household needsby Forg
    Explains how to connect with and extend your energy to a person or place via its energetic signature, and then hold what you are looking for in mind while asking your sub-conscious for the information. Notes that links are not necessary for scanning and how to avoid linking. Details techniques for scanning physical things as well as the energy body.
  • Constructs for Newbiesby Lesenthe
    A very thorough and well written article which focuses primarily on the practical, but also discusses some theories which explain what is encountered in practice. Introduces and discusses constructs, subtle energy, programming, sentient constructs, and thoughtforms. Explains how to begin to sense energy, via visualization and tactile/spatial awareness, so that you can know when you’ve actually succeeded in creating a construct. Includes an excellent description of how visualization works to help learn to manipulate energy. Explains the importance of mental discipline and how to practice via focal meditation, blank-mind states, and visualization. Recommends exercises for learning to control energy. Walks through the method for creating a construct in detail (planning the complete construct blueprint, externalizing the blueprint in energetic form, and then energizing the blueprint), and sources of energy for powering the construct, also touching on the links between programmer and construct, and between construct and energy source. Devotes special attention to the human energy body and briefly introduces planar theory. Contrasts the author’s method of programming with the method commonly taught in the OEC, and explains why shelling is unnecessary. Touches on what kinds of things can be perceived in a construct and how to examine them closely to improve your skill. Overviews several types of constructs such as shields and wards, guardian constructs, and constructs that influence the physical plane.
  • Perception Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about psionic perception abilities, including scanning, pinging, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, etc.
  • A breifing of most everything concerning Telepathyby Nervous
    Summary forthcoming.
  • The Basics of Telepathyby Neveza
    Does not contain any techniques, just basic theory on what telepathy is, the uses and drawbacks of links, using constructs to ping, and what distinguishes broadcasting from direct sending. Mentions practicing sending and receiving with shapes and colors or guess the number games.
  • Sending and Receivingby Stolide Demens
    Gives the step-by-step basics of sending, linking, broadcasting, pinging, pulse sending, and receiving. Approaches the techniques from an energy work perspective rather than purely mental.

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