Living with Abilities

  • The Power of Knowledgeby Maverick1
    While practice is important for developing your abilities, knowledge is also very important. Reading widely about psionics, as well as other subjects like psychology, neurology, philosophy, physical conditioning etc., gives you a broader base of knowledge that allows you to better understand other people and yourself.
  • The Path of the Psionby Maverick1
    Explains how self-reflection and self-control allow a psion to both grow as a person and strengthen their abilities. Urges psions to use their powers responsibly for good, rather than adopt the arrogant, elitist attitude unfortunately prevalent among psions.
  • Introduction to Psionics and Dealing with Skepticsby KMiller
    Tips on preparing to enter the world of psionics, changes that can be expected, how this can affect friendships and tips on deciding who to trust with knowledge about your new abilities, where to get scientific evidence for psionics for skeptical friends, how to handle religious friends. Also includes a very helpful introduction to practicing and learning telepathy and psychokinesis.
  • ‘Normal’ Uses for Unusual Skillsby Rainsong
    Outlines ideas for making psionics abilities useful in every-day life (rather than only moving psi-wheels and the like).
  • Protecting Electronicsby Rainsong
    Some people have a small problem with electronics: such devices tend to break or malfunction when these people are around. Wearing a watch on the wrist is a sure way to destroy the thing in a matter of hours or days, unless it is one of the old-fashioned wind-up types. Wind-up watches […]
  • Psionics, how to get better without practiceby Stolide Demens
    Explains how to incorporate psionics into everyday life so that separate practice sessions are no longer necessary. Lists ideas for telepathy, psychokinesis, empathy, energy manipulation, clairvoyance, and healing.
  • Essential Skills for Everyday Psionsby NeoPsychic
    Describes several useful psionic skills that can be used on a daily basis, including using your sub-conscious to wake up at a particular time or remind you of important things, using psi to moderate body temperature, and numbing body parts for mild pain relief.
  • Observations Over Four Yearsby Peebrain
    Describes how to integrate the practice of psionics into daily life in order to continue improving skills without as many scheduled practice sessions. Includes a few cautions about the side effects of doing so.
  • Getting Motivated with GreatSheepKingby SheepKing
    Lists several suggestions for keeping motivated to practice, including setting a practice schedule, practicing with friends, listening to music, using your imagination while practicing, focusing on the future goal, and developing will power.
  • I Don’t Miss PsiPogby Sean (aka Peebrain)
    Apathetic inactivity is rampant in the OEC (and was in PsiPog as well), with many people talking about doing psionics but very few people actually doing psionics. This article outlines ten ideas for actually doing psionics and contributing in helpful and scientific ways to this new and relatively unexplored field.
  • FAQ: Empathyby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about empathy and living as an empath.
  • Empathyby Sentinel
    This article is a bit on the melodramatic side, but presents some things that are helpful for empaths to keep in mind, including: you can’t help everyone, avoid getting too close to people with troubled emotions, don’t always sugar coat what you need to say, and take care of yourself.
  • To Tell or Not to Tellby JediKaren
    Encourages thought before telling people of your precognitive impressions, and gives examples of what could happen if you do decide to tell.
  • Realityby Lucidess
    Includes questions on who, what, where, why and when we are, designed to broaden and deepen one’s thinking and theorizing about existence.
  • Belief Systemsby Gonzo
    Explains how one’s belief system serves tends to shape one’s reality and experiences, how some people fear things that don’t fit into their belief system while others change their belief systems instead, and how this can affect both life and psychic experiences.
  • Miscellaneous Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about living with psionic abilities, how psionic abilities work, and many other topics.
  • Dealing with Negative Emotionby JediKaren
    Cautions that negative emotions can take over your life and gives examples of how they can spread between people or affect a whole location. Warns that anger mixed with psi ability can harm other people or objects, fear may block psi ability, and being power hungry or depressed can negatively affect training. Lists a few ideas for dealing with negative emotions, including meditation.

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