Mind/Body Practices & Martial Arts

  • Ars Anima Gladiusby Prophecy
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Yogaby ChezNips
    Explains how Yoga not just a form of stretching and exercise, but rather is a lifestyle designed to help the practitioner master mind and body, leading to enlightenment. Describes the Eightfold Path as laid out by Pantanjali in the Yoga Sutras.
  • Chi and Martial Arts Dictionaryby Koujiryuu
    A list of terms related to martial arts and body energy related practices. Includes pronunciation guides for some of the terms.
  • Basic Bio-PKby Myriads
    Describes how to practice bio-psychokinesis using a blood pressure monitor (controlling heart rate), or raising body temperature. Urges caution since it is possible to get your blood pressure too low, and the author once gave himself second degree burns when trying to raise the temperature around his hands. (Note: keep in mind that if you are learning to consciously control your own bodily processes, while it is a useful skill, it is most likely biofeedback not psychokinesis.)

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