Phasing & Teleportation

  • Phasing; an Update (23 August, 2002)by Rainsong
    A description of another incident in which the author accidentally passed part way through the back of her chair, including the mindsets and visualizations that proceeded it. Includes warnings about the level of pain and potential repercussions involved.
  • Concerning ‘Phasing’by Rainsong
    A description of the author’s experiences with unintentionally passing through solid objects, steps that she took to stop this from happening, and a few theories on how to phase intentionally and how it works. The author notes that however cool it may sound, it was not a fun experience, and in at least one instance, hurt.
  • Teleportation Discussionby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Discusses the scientific basis for teleportation including experiments in quantum entanglement of photons. Mentions a few alleged reports of successful teleportation, and explains how the navigation part of teleportation is the most dangerous, especially since some teleportation attempts teleport not just through space but also through time. Discusses ideas for some kind of construct at the point of origin and point of arrival to possibly assist in navigation. Theoretical discussion only, contains no how-to’s. Strongly cautions against testing on living subjects.
  • Musings on the nature of…reality? Dude! Philosophy!by Rainsong
    As some of you know from the PsiPog days, I’ve had a few strange experiences over the years. Recently, I’d been discussing one of these with a friend. She’s a novelist, and she wanted a good description for something one of her characters was doing in a particular scene. (When the book […]
  • Other Skills Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about Out of Body Experiences, Pendling, Dreams and Dreamwalking, Healing, Remote Presence, Phasing, and other skills.
  • FAQ: Other Skillsby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about various topics including scanning, remote presence, clairovoyance, remote viewing, auras, phasing, meditation, and talking to one’s sub-conscious.

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