• More About Pings… sort ofby Rainsong
    A detailed explanation of practicing visualization and “moving without moving” in the context of learning to ping. Includes the “blank canvas” method for sending or receiving telepathically.
  • Broadcasting and Pingingby Annie
    Explains how telepathically broadcasting is similar to mentally shouting. Includes a good explanation about what pinging actually is–in essence, pinging is to telepathy as psiballs are to energy work.
  • Telepathy – Ramblings About Pingsby Rainsong
    Explains what a ping is and describes a couple of visualizations for pinging, including extending a tendril of one’s shield to another person, pulsing psi and an emotion at someone, or communicating the essence of a gesture.
  • Increased Sending Through Pingingby Brandon
    Describes how to pull energy from a different point like the head or solar plexus, instead of from the abdomen like PsiPog normally recommends, in order to help with pinging.
  • The Telepathy Manualby KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad
    A very comprehensive manual of telepathy compiled by three telepaths. Includes definitions of many telepathy related terms, methods to prepare for telepathy, and ways to find your target. Also describes methods and uses of several telepathic techniques including pinging, pulse sending, broadcasting, scanning and probing, suggestion, projection, forced hallucination, and hacking.
  • Telepathy Seminarby KMiller
    A seminar based on The Telepathy Manual by KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad. Compares telepathy to remote viewing, and covers clearing the mind, psi signatures, pinging, and links. Answers questions from those who attended, includes practice sessions.
  • Sensitivity Manual: How to Spark it and Keep it Growingby Gnome
    An explanation of awareness and exercises on increasing, shrinking, and moving one’s awareness, identifying signatures, scanning, telepathic scanning and sending, and using an overload trance to increase awareness. Includes some warnings about the pros and cons to increasing awareness.
  • Article on Linking, Pinging, Sending, Receivingby Master Wolf
    Summary forthcoming.
  • A Guide to Pingingby Yo Yo
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Perception Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about psionic perception abilities, including scanning, pinging, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, etc.
  • A breifing of most everything concerning Telepathyby Nervous
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Sending and Receivingby Stolide Demens
    Gives the step-by-step basics of sending, linking, broadcasting, pinging, pulse sending, and receiving. Approaches the techniques from an energy work perspective rather than purely mental.

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