Precognition & Retrocognition

  • Precognition: Recognizing and Inducingby XPWarrior3
    Describes the author’s own journey to better control his precognitive abilities and how he came to realize that low frequency energy activity in the crown of his head were correlated with the occurrence of visions. Explains how the author used this information to begin inducing precog visions about specific topics at will. Gives recommendations for both natural precogs and those who wish to learn precog.
  • Precognitionby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Explains what is and is not precognition. Gives some ideas on telling the difference between precognitive dreams and normal dreams (via communication with one’s sub-conscious and keeping records), and some techniques for forced-choice precognition games.
  • Priming Your Practice and Life Through Future Selectionby Kettle
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Fundamental Dynamic Psiby Mobius, Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII), & Remakai
    A set of instructional articles on the basics of psionics. In order:
    Future Selection
    1) Introduction and Focal Meditation (links to Focal Meditation by Kobok as the lesson)
    2) Introduction to Kinetics (links to Introduction to Kinetics by Kobok as the lesson)
    3) Introduction to Future Selection
    4) Psions: Masters of Transformation
    5) Introduction to Inner Meditation and Linking
    6) Introduction to Scanning
    7) Introduction to the Conceptual Domain
    Energy Manipulation
    8) Introduction to Energy
    9) Constructs, Grounding, and Filtering
  • Connection Between Astral Projection and Precognitive Dreams?by Float
    Relates the author’s previous experience in astral projection and lucid dreaming, his sleep cycle and practice schedule, as well as what the precog dreams are like and how events later play out. Explains how his attempts at astral projection that are cut short by falling asleep combined with his mind’s pondering of future events may result in his astral self “jumping” to the future and the resulting information coming to him in dreams. Discusses the implications of this theory.
  • Precognition: Seeing Through Time and Spaceby Snowind
    Defines the possible channels of precognition (dreams, sounds, visions, and feelings/intuition), and the types of precognition (those foretelling either changeable or unchangeable events). Briefly recounts a few famous instances of precog. Warns against using precog for personal gain, telling other people about what you have precogged, jumping to the conclusion that every dream is precognitive. Recommends not being afraid of precog and gives tips on what to do if you see your own death.
  • Precognitionby JediKaren
    Describes three different ways that precognition manifests (dreams, visions, and feelings), as well as short-term vs. long-term futures. Cautions against telling people or believing what you foresee too quickly. Recounts some of the author’s person experiences with precognition. Notes that the future that is foreseen can sometimes be changed.
  • Pendlingby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Explains how pendling (also called pendulum dowsing) can be used to communicate with the sub-conscious for things like clairvoyance, precognition, and retrieving forgotten memories or hidden motivations. Describes objects that make good pendulums, how to hold the pendulum, and how to calibrating your pendulum for each session by asking questions with known answers. Also discusses how to pendle for questions that have more than yes/no answers, pendling for geographical locations, and how to avoid contaminating the results.
  • Remote Viewing Manualby Yumper & Oneta
    Gives instructions for Coordinate Remote Viewing, and Associative Remote Viewing (precognition via RV). Includes methods to prepare yourself by clearing your mind, ways of avoiding analytical overlay, a short description of the “Matrix” theory of RV, suggestions for RV without coordinates, and some thoughts on ethics and protecting yourself.
  • Receiving/Precog; My Experience with GotPsi.comby Vigil
    Describes some techniques that the author found helpful on the precognition games at Includes a note that practicing precog seems to have also helped him with the development of other psionic abilities.
  • Various Exercises For Development of Psi Abilitiesby Psion Guild
    Outlines games and exercises for sensing energy, sensing heat, mirroring another person by following their energy, pushing with energy, predicting (whether through telepathy, remote viewing, or precognition) what cards will be dealt next, games to play with energy when around crowds of people, identifying signatures, construct creation, shielding and cloaking, and psionic modifications of the game of chess.
  • Precognitionby Tantalus
    Summary forthcoming.
  • FAQ: Precognitionby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about what is or is not precognition and how to practice to gain more control of it.
  • Runic Magicby Prophecy
    Introduces the Elder Futhark runes and the meanings of each, as well as listing several commonly used groups of runes. Describes some of the mythology behind the runes and their significance within the Asatru religious tradition that they are a part of, including a quotation of the part of the Havamal that refers to the runes. While the author does not approve of trying to divine the future, he does explain how to properly draw them for divination like the three-rune, five-rune, and runic cross spreads. Also lists the Oral Galdr which is used to vibrate each rune when using them in magick, and provides examples of how they could be used. Describes how to create, charge, and use a bind rune, noting where the process is similar to or differs from sigil magick.
  • The Uses of Psiby JediKaren
    Describes some common problems that newbies tend to have with practicing (lack of motivation, no teacher, not knowing how to train or use abilities in everyday life). Explains situations in which various abilities can be used, including empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote presence, scanning, psychokinesis, meditation, astral projection, precognition, healing, and constructs. Warns against using psi in ways that could ruin your reputation or those of psions in general.
  • Visualizationby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Explains what visualization is, and how it can be used to communicate with the sub-conscious. Includes a few basic exercises for visualization, including mentally coloring a picture or rolling a ball. Discusses useful visualizations for communicating specific intents, for example, a “dimmer switch” or “faucet” to control flow, and quite a few other creative ideas for psiwheels, precognition, remote viewing, shields, and improving physical strength and skill. Includes an interesting exercise (steepled fingers exercise) for determining how you personally visualize psi which can help for other visualizations.
  • Precognition, the Green Mango Wayby Green Mango
    Gives a basic explanation of what precog is. Describes a way to practice precognition with a desk of cards (note: the technique is more for general clairvoyance than for precognition specifically). Includes a few of the author’s personal experiences with precog.
  • To Tell or Not to Tellby JediKaren
    Encourages thought before telling people of your precognitive impressions, and gives examples of what could happen if you do decide to tell.

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