• Rogers/Kelly Style Radionicsby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about how to create and use the American Rogers/Kelly radionics machines.
  • Sigils in Radionicsby Rainsong & Nevyn
    A chat-log of a class about how to set up and use sigils in radionics, along with basic instructions on setting up and using a simple symbolic radionics machine.
  • Cryo-Psychokinesis, Crystals, & Orgoniteby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about ice-related psychokinesis, some random crystal effects, and an introduction to the substance known as orgonite.
  • Quick-and-Dirty Symbolic Radionic Machineby Rainsong
    Here’s a quick-and-dirty approach to symbolic radionic machines. Those of you who have read Uncle Chuckie’s works and G. Harry Stine’s book will recognize the idea, of course. Shoe boxes and decorative gift-boxes make good bases for symbolic machines. In a pinch, a piece of cardstock or cardboard will do. If you’re using the latter, […]

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