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  • A New Method For Having Lucid Dreams Has Been Discovered by Scientistsby Peter Dockrill
    Science Alert: August 21, 2018
    A copy of the study can be found here.
    Added on 2018-09-14 in Scientific Studies
  • Consciousness for the Next Generationby Institute of Noetic Sciences
    A free online video course covering developments in consciousness research as well as how to pursue a career in it. The course consists of 10 one-hour videos of both lectures and Q&A with top scientists and leaders in the field. There is also a link to a page with further ways to get involved.
    Added on 2018-09-14 in Courses & Degree Programs
  • Exeter University to study best way to summon fairies and demonsby Neil Shaw
    DevonLive: August 22, 2018
    Added on 2018-09-14 in In the News
  • Intuition and Intuition Development: Practices for the
    Inner Self
    by Emily Sadowski
    Simon Fraser University: November 29, 2017
    A copy of the full thesis is available here.
    Added on 2018-09-14 in Scientific Studies
  • PsyHallby David
    Like Psionics Forum, this was another attempt to revive the community using an old PsiWarriors forum database backup, so most posts are before 2015. There was some activity and then things took a religious turn and posting died down. The admin renamed the site from PsyWarriors to PsyHall and officially changed the focus from psionics to psychology and spirituality.
    Activity Level: Low/Inactive
    Updated on 2018-08-01 in Communities & Organizations
  • Psion Nationby Baal Domiel, Geronimo, & Artifex
    Originally started by users from PsiWarriors when it closed, this site focused on learning psionic abilities mostly according to the order listed in the “Psion Ability Tier System” developed by Baal Domiel. There was also a significant focus on otherkin, to the point that some members claimed to be able to make people into the ‘kin of their choice. When the site closed some of the members made a reddit post about what happened and created a new discord server, which is still open but has changed into an entirely different community. There was a brief attempt to revive the community using a backup of the site under the new name Psionic Nation (since the old URL had been lost), but there was little activity and the site went offline without warning.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
    FAQ; Glossary; P.A.T.S.; Psion Nation Youtube Channel; Wiki.
    Discord: Open Invite
    Updated on 2018-08-01 in Communities & Organizations
  • New Study Finds “Healing Energy” Can Be Stored & Used To Change Cancer Cells In Vitroby Arjun Walia
    Collective Evolution: July 17, 2018
    A copy of the study can be found here.
    Added on 2018-07-18 in Scientific Studies
  • Researchers have identified a group of patients who are especially prone to out-of-body experiencesby Emma Young
    British Psychological Society Research Digest: July 6, 2018
    A copy of the study can be found here.
    Added on 2018-07-18 in Scientific Studies
  • Wizard Forumsby Crow
    An active general magick forum. Topics include meditation, spirituality and religion, rituals, goetia, scientific discussion, as well as some more mundane topics. They recently switched to a reddit-like forum software that they coded themselves, which erased all the old posts (they also removed several topic areas in the process). Some old posts can be found on
    Activity Level: High
    Discord: Chat
    Updated on 2018-07-18 in Communities & Organizations
  • Are ESP and Psychokinesis Really Possible?by S.C. Stuart
    PC Magazine: July 2, 2018
    Added on 2018-07-03 in In the News
  • Psionics Forumby Blue
    When PsiWarriors and Psion Nation went offline, David restored a backup of PsiWarriors forum database from several years back. After a small flury of activity posting died down, then shortly after he transferred ownership of it to Blue.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    Updated on 2018-07-03 in Communities & Organizations
  • Local psychic credited with finding missing womanby Tim Fenster
    Niagara Gazette: June 4, 2018
    Added on 2018-06-12 in In the News
  • The Observation of the Effect of the External Qi of Qigong on Synthesis Gas Systemby Xin Yan, Shenping Li, Chongwei Liu, Jinggui Hu, Shanhong Mao, & Zuyin Lu
    Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal), Volume 11, pp. 650-652: 1988
    You can read a discussion of this article here.
    Updated on 2018-06-12 in Scientific Studies
  • Psionic Social Clubby Rainsong & Wayfarer
    One of the more serious communities around, the chat recently moved to discord, and has been more active during the week in addition to its normal activity on Saturday evenings (5:30pm CST) when Rainsong teaches classes. Topics of discussion often include unusual/interesting applications of energy work and psionics.
    Activity Level: High
    Chat Rules; The Usual Disclaimers; How to Set Up a Game in the Annex; Blog.
    Discord: Chat
    Updated on 2018-05-22 in Communities & Organizations
  • Telepathy Training Initiative – Beyond Shapes and Colorsby Wayfarer
    A proposed protocol for training telepathy in small groups, based on research done by government agencies for what has been found effective.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Telepathy
  • Remote Viewing Class 10: Taskingby Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class going into more detail specifically about tasking, the various pieces of information that should be included, and how to task one’s own sessions without frontloading.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing Class 11: Uses of Remote Viewingby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a brief discussion of some of the high points of previous lectures including the uses of remote viewing, how it is used, and analytic overlay. (Only one person showed up to the class).
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Constructs for Noobsby Rainsong
    Outlines the minimum amount of programming needed for a basic psiball or other construct shape. Demonstrates how to gather energy using the “moving without moving” method and the cobweb method, then how to pack the energy into a psi shape, and several methods for instilling the needed programming (for instance, making sure the shape lasts instead of falling apart). Also covers several exercises for learning to sense energy.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Charging, Psi Balls, Constructs & Programming, Scanning
  • Remote Viewing Class 1: Introductionby Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of an introduction to remote viewing including various types of remote viewing, the history of its development and use (including the Jupiter/Mars viewing sessions), and general things about learning it and its applicability to magick in general. Distinguishes remote viewing from various types of projection, divination, and remote influence. Describes analytic overlay, telepathic overlay, and frontloading, and how they were handled in the protocol, as well as what sort of external factors may influence a session. The usefulness of a Ganzfeld effect inducing apparatus for RV is also discussed. Includes a list of books for further reading.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing, History
  • Remote Viewing Class 2: Protocol & Stage 1by Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class describing the protocol for remote viewing in more detail–equipment to use, setting, and the process that happens once one is given a target. Includes a detailed discussion of ideograms with photos, and stage 1 of remote viewing.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing Class 3: How to Run a Sessionby Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class discussing tasking (including a website that provides automated targets for viewing), how to randomize targets when you don’t have a monitor to prevent frontloading, and how to run a session. Includes a demo session by Wayfarer including pictures of his session sheet to show what it should look like at each stage (he did stages 1-3). Clarifies that analytic overlay is actually a good thing, but it needs to be handled correctly so that it doesn’t interfere with the results, and that even “misses” can produce usable information about a target.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing Class 4: Documentation & Stage 2by Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class beginning with a review of the elements of a properly run and documented remote viewing session using a student’s run sheet as an example. Focuses on Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) that can be done with only stage 1 and 2 results. Describes the process and then an example session was run (includes photos of the session sheet).
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing Class 5: Stage 3by Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class detailing stage 3 of remote viewing which includes more abstract concepts as opposed to the sensory data of stage 2. Stresses the importance of analytic overlay and taking appropriate breaks for it during a session. Also discusses the use of trancing and binaural beats in remote viewing. Includes links to sites that provide automated targets for practice.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing Class 6: Stage 4by Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a class introducing stage 4 of remote viewing, the first stage which starts unpacking the data from the session–turning vague impressions into something actionable. Warns against trying to move ahead too quickly. Also includes some health cautions and what to do in case of burnout.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing, Health & Psychology
  • Remote Viewing Class 7: Review/Q&Aby Rainsong & Wayfarer
    A chat-log of a review/Q&A session including topics such as analytic overlay and the history of remote viewing (and precursors to the practice).
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing, History
  • Remote Viewing Class 8: Analytic Overlay, Slumps, & Historyby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class including more discussion of analytic overlay and the history of remote viewing. Also goes over the very common “slump” in accuracy that tends to happen to beginners after initial success, and how to get through it.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing, History
  • Remote Viewing Class 9: Analytic Overlay & AOL Breaksby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class going into more detail specifically about analytic overlay and AOL breaks during sessions.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Remote Viewing
  • Cryo-Psychokinesis, Crystals, & Orgoniteby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about ice-related psychokinesis, some random crystal effects, and an introduction to the substance known as orgonite.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Psychokinesis, Nature Magick, Radionics
  • Psychokinesis (Class 1)by Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class on the rudiments of psychokinesis.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Psychokinesis
  • Psychokinesis (Class 2)by Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class on the rudiments of psychokinesis.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Psychokinesis
  • Telepathic Pulse-Sending & Force-Bubblesby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about trouble-shooting the construction of force-bubbles, sending information by means of a psiball, a quick introduction to Soviet-style pulse-Sending, and some discussion about telepathic practical jokes.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Psychokinesis, Telepathy
  • Rogers/Kelly Style Radionicsby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about how to create and use the American Rogers/Kelly radionics machines.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Radionics
  • Sigils in Radionicsby Rainsong & Nevyn
    A chat-log of a class about how to set up and use sigils in radionics, along with basic instructions on setting up and using a simple symbolic radionics machine.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Radionics, Sigils
  • Stone Tower Shields, and About Shielding Generallyby Rainsong
    Psionic Shielding is the practice of constructing defenses with psi-stuff. The defenses in question can counter several different kinds of threats. * Empathic overload is a common one. * Shielding can also be set up to defend against psychic attacks. Such things are not very common, outside of sparring sessions, but when they happen they are […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Shielding & Wards
  • Book Review – How to Make ESP Work for Youby Rainsong
    A review of the book How to Make ESP Work for You by Harold Sherman (who conducted one of the more famous experiments involving ESP in the 1930s). Notes that it covers how to do clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition as well as psychokinesis and healing in a fairly clear (though a bit formal) manner.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Don’t Do Thisby Rainsong
    Don’t Do This posted by Rainsong, on November 12, 2012 With any luck, none of the readers here is stupid enough to commit vandalism against ancient historic sites. This warning should simply be of the “Fluff-bunnies Never Cease to Amaze Me with New Levels of Stupidity” variety.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in
  • A Warningby Rainsong
    Yes, I know…it’s been pretty bare here, lately. Today, there’s just a quick note: if you have kidney problems, be extra careful in watching for any untoward symptoms while you’re practicing. One of the things that they tell people on dialysis is to limit potassium intake as much as possible. The […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Health & Psychology
  • Book Comment – Psionic Medicineby Rainsong
    A brief review of the book Psionic Medicine: The Study and Treatment of the Causative Factors in Illness by J. H. Reyner, George Laurence, and Carl Upton. This book is aimed primarily at medical doctors and covers homeopathy and medical dowsing. However, the reviewer recommends the book as very interesting.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review – The Inner Game of Tennisby Rainsong
    A review of the book The Inner Game of Tennis by W Timothy Gallwey. Notes that while this book is not specifically about any kind of psionics, it is about how to use your mind to perfect physical activities–how to deal with mental chatter, self-doubt/sabotage, fear of success or failure, and how to concentrate in useful ways.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review – The Psions’ Guideby Rainsong
    A cautionary review of the book The Psion’s Guide: Applied Para-psychology by Dr. John Porter and Soke Rob Williams. Notes that (despite the somewhat promising title) this book is almost purely misinformation and the instructions should not be followed.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review — A Librarian’s Guide – Psychic Development Simplifiedby Rainsong
    A review of the 1st edition of the book A Librarian’s Guide: Psychic Development Simplified by “Nathaniel”. Notes that the book is a decent, fairly readable introduction for beginners, based on methods derived from Robert Bruce’s “New Energy Ways”. Note: Only the 3rd edition of book is currently available and the title was shortened to just Psychic Development Simplified.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review: Energy Medicineby Rainsong
    A review of the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. The reviewer enthusiastically recommends this book, noting that while the exercises given may make one feel foolish, they work well. The book covers field maintenance, hygiene, and repair in detail, as well as techniques to help with various illnesses. Much of it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, but no prior knowledge of TCM or energy work is needed.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review: Quantum Touchby Rainsong
    A review of the book Quantum-Touch: the Power to Heal by Richard Gordon. Notes that not only is the healing technique useful, but the third chapter of the book is the one of the best introductions to energy work in general that the reviewer has seen.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Review: The Psionic Generator Pattern Bookby Rainsong
    A review of the book The Psionic Generator Pattern Book by John P. Boyle. Notes that this is a book best bought in hardcopy (or printed out, since only the ebook is currently available of both it and its sequel ESP Research Equipment You Can Build Yourself), because it is printed on heavy paper and meant to have the various printed devices cut out of the pages and assembled. Great for anyone who is interested in radionics or dowsing, or who wants something to play with besides a psiwheel.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews, Products & Tools
  • How to do a Rudimentary Energy Healingby Rainsong
    I think I now have a new favourite method for basic long-distance healing. It has been useful on several occasions this summer, it is pretty simple, and it is vaguely based on an approach from Stephen Co’s book Your Hands Can Heal You. There’ll be a mini-review of the book on […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Healing & DMILS
  • About Dowsing-Related Books, Sites, Societies, and Suchlikeby Rainsong
    Warns that while the people in dowsing communities are often friendly and knowledgeable, they may be offended by the idea of their practice being associated with psionics or psychic phenomena, so anyone coming from an OEC background may run into some friction there. Briefly reviews helpful introductory dowsing books including The Art of Dowsing by Richard Webster and The Diviner’s Handbook by Tom Graves, as well as the free ebook dowsing mini-course Letter to Robin by Walt Woods (which is available in several languages).
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Etiquette, Community, & Ethics, Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Book Reviews: The EFT Manual, 2nd Edition, and EFT for PTSDby Rainsong
    A review of two of Gary Craig’s books: The EFT Manual, 2nd Edition and EFT for PTSD. Notes that EFT is simpler than other methods of energy tapping in that the same points are used for all issues. The manual explains how energy tapping works and some of the theory behind it, but focuses primarily on the practical aspects of doing EFT. While it is often used for phobias it has many other uses as well, and the reviewer has found the second book, which is focused specifically on PTSD, useful. Note: be aware of which edition you get, since the EFT Manual went through multiple revisions and the free version was substantially shortened which cut out a lot of the useful details, and there is now a book by the same title and nearly same cover authored by someone else. The 6th Edition is one of the last versions they posted for free that had all the important information. Also, despite sounding incredibly fluffy the method works well, especially for anxiety, phobias, PTSD (it’s even used for veterans and has been scientifically studied), and even some physical problems. Obviously if you are in any doubt please consult a licensed professional.
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Non-Fiction Books, Documentaries, & Interviews
  • Dampersby Rainsong
    Dampers are delicious quick-breads cooked over a campfire or in a Dutch oven… The word also refers to devices which pull, negate, or otherwise interfere with psionic signals. The device could be a Shield, but more often the word implies something with more substance. For example, for some people a good solid piece of […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in
  • Protecting Electronicsby Rainsong
    Some people have a small problem with electronics: such devices tend to break or malfunction when these people are around. Wearing a watch on the wrist is a sure way to destroy the thing in a matter of hours or days, unless it is one of the old-fashioned wind-up types. Wind-up watches […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in Living With Abilities, Shielding & Wards
  • ARV and/or Pendling Lottery Experiment?by Rainsong
    I’m on a number of email lists of various states of inactivity. A week or two back, an email came in on one of these, from Paul Smith, PhD. Yes, that Paul Smith. He’s cool. Anyway, he and some other folks down in Texas were going to try a little experiment in ARV […]
    Updated on 2018-05-20 in

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