• Sigils in Radionicsby Rainsong & Nevyn
    A chat-log of a class about how to set up and use sigils in radionics, along with basic instructions on setting up and using a simple symbolic radionics machine.
  • Sigilsby XIII
    Describes what a sigil is and what types of things can be used as sigils (e.g. drawings, pieces of music, smells, tastes, textures, or entire works of art which are called hypersigils), and compares the use of sigils to runes. Stresses the importance of clear intent when constructing sigils and suggests a method for creating them based on that intent rather than just using the designs made from the letters of the statement of the intent. Explains the difference between charging a static sigil vs. a dynamic sigil and gives examples of what each can be used for.

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