• What is a Psi Signature and How Do I Scan for One?by Annie
    Describes the kind of information that may go into a psi-signature, and a visualization to use in order to link to the person you wish to scan (utility belt method). Includes several sample scans and the information the author picked up. Also warns against scanning psi-actives and psychics.
  • Orion’s Lessons Seriesby Orion
    Rather than being an introduction to general psionics, this series covers the methods used specifically by the author. Tends to use energy manipulation for all techniques, even those that are mainly mental.
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Feeling and Manipulating Psi (also published on Shifted Perspectives as Feeling and Using Psi)
    Lesson 3: Understanding Constructs
    Lesson 4: Grounding
    Lesson 4.5: Binding
    Lesson 5: Basic Empathy
    Lesson 6: Basic Telepathy
    Lesson 6.5: Telepathic Suggestion
    Lesson 7: Basic Remote Viewing
    Lesson 8: Linking, a How-To
    Lesson 9: Basic Scanning
    Lesson 10: Basic Astral Projection (never posted)
  • Psionic Signaturesby Lidless_i
    Introduces how signatures are useful and what sort of things have them (people, animals, constructs, and even physical objects to a certain extent). Includes several methods for finding a signature.
  • How to Alter Your Signatureby FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    Explains what a signature is and how to practice finding it. Describes how manipulating one’s signature can be useful in combat, and gives several methods including: masking via a cloaking shield, relocation by programming constructs with one’s signature to act as dummies, and replicating other people’s signatures onto constructs. Cautions against trying to change the signature of one’s field directly.
  • Rudimentary Scanningby Jaci
    Explains how to shift one’s awareness away from one’s body, how to scan a distant room for people, and how to recognize their signatures. Also suggests practicing scanning on constructs and programming either in person or via online chat.
  • Basic Scanningby Dan
    Provides a working definition of scanning. Discusses how visual scanning data may be “seen” and how different people experience it. Includes an explanation of how to target someone or something’s signature for scanning, several techniques for gathering scanning data, and some cautions about analytical overlay.
  • Telepathy Seminarby KMiller
    A seminar based on The Telepathy Manual by KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad. Compares telepathy to remote viewing, and covers clearing the mind, psi signatures, pinging, and links. Answers questions from those who attended, includes practice sessions.
  • Various Exercises For Development of Psi Abilitiesby Psion Guild
    Outlines games and exercises for sensing energy, sensing heat, mirroring another person by following their energy, pushing with energy, predicting (whether through telepathy, remote viewing, or precognition) what cards will be dealt next, games to play with energy when around crowds of people, identifying signatures, construct creation, shielding and cloaking, and psionic modifications of the game of chess.
  • An Easy Guide to Nifty Triggeringby Gnome
    This technique describes creating a construct with your target’s signature and field. Telepathic sending, pinging, and other such techniques can then be sent to the construct, and will be transferred by it to the target. This acts as a shortcut to actually scanning and finding your target each time, and seems to cut down on spontaneous linking.
  • How To Acquire Signaturesby Winged Wolf
    Signatures are a little more complicated to get initially than to simply recognize. Includes tips on how to get signatures even if you haven’t met someone in person or if they are trying to block you.
  • Energy Pattern Identificationby Winged Wolf
    Explanation of signatures and where they are found, as well as some exercises to practice identifying them.
  • Sensitivity Manual: How to Spark it and Keep it Growingby Gnome
    An explanation of awareness and exercises on increasing, shrinking, and moving one’s awareness, identifying signatures, scanning, telepathic scanning and sending, and using an overload trance to increase awareness. Includes some warnings about the pros and cons to increasing awareness.
  • Noon Class 2: Energy sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linkingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to energy sensing, signatures, active and passive scanning, and linking. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 2: Energy Sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linkingby Winged Wolf
    Introduction to energy sensing, signatures, active and passive scanning, and linking. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Empathy Seminarby Myriads (aka Myriad)
    Part 1 of this seminar explained what empathy is, how archetypes play into the different ways people sense things empathically, the bioplasm or EMF field theory of how it works, how to create a filter shield, and ended with practicing shields. Part 2 continued with more details on shielding, how to sense things empathically, how signatures work, and ended with a sensing exercise. Part 3 explained (and practiced) sending and receiving emotions, as well as broadcasting and projecting.
  • Article on Linking, Pinging, Sending, Receivingby Master Wolf
    Summary forthcoming.
  • All around scanning, for shields, energy bodies and other household needsby Forg
    Explains how to connect with and extend your energy to a person or place via its energetic signature, and then hold what you are looking for in mind while asking your sub-conscious for the information. Notes that links are not necessary for scanning and how to avoid linking. Details techniques for scanning physical things as well as the energy body.
  • Cloaking Shieldsby Stolide Demens
    Explains what cloaking shields are and outlines how to program several types of cloaks including a general telepathic suggestion cloak (“I am not here” or “I am a tree”, for example), an empathy cloak (for hiding your emotions or broadcasting some other emotion entirely), and a psi signature cloak (for hiding your signature or broadcasting a different one). Includes tips for use during combat.
  • Perception Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about psionic perception abilities, including scanning, pinging, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, etc.

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