Subtle Body Structure

  • Introduction to Meridiansby ChezNips
    Describes the meridian system of the energy body and how it relates to the physical body systems. Includes the paths of the 12 major meridians and two of the extraordinary vessels as described by Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The Occult Anatomyby Prophecy
    Summary forthcoming.
  • The NEW Improved and SHORTER Chakra Exerciseby LeungKaChong
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Reflexologyby Kiwi Kid
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Healing2by SpilledChemicals
    Explains what the energy body is and how it is important to healing. Describes how to find one’s center and sense one’s energy body. Gives visualizations for closing energy “wounds” and preventing them from leaking energy. Explains how improperly healed wounds can form blockages resulting in decreased energy flow and negative energy, as well as how to clear blockages and how injuring or healing the energetic body can affect the physical. Includes warnings about which energy to use, shielding while healing, and energy scaring.
  • Explorations of the Energetic Bodyby Stolide Demens
    Theorizes that the energetic body is essentially a thoughtform created by the person’s thoughts (and others’ thoughts about the person), as well as how this relates to phoenixes/generators and therians/otherkin. Describes the mental body and how it relates to telepathy, and gives an overview of common structures in the energy body including meridians and chakras.
  • Constructs for Newbiesby Lesenthe
    A very thorough and well written article which focuses primarily on the practical, but also discusses some theories which explain what is encountered in practice. Introduces and discusses constructs, subtle energy, programming, sentient constructs, and thoughtforms. Explains how to begin to sense energy, via visualization and tactile/spatial awareness, so that you can know when you’ve actually succeeded in creating a construct. Includes an excellent description of how visualization works to help learn to manipulate energy. Explains the importance of mental discipline and how to practice via focal meditation, blank-mind states, and visualization. Recommends exercises for learning to control energy. Walks through the method for creating a construct in detail (planning the complete construct blueprint, externalizing the blueprint in energetic form, and then energizing the blueprint), and sources of energy for powering the construct, also touching on the links between programmer and construct, and between construct and energy source. Devotes special attention to the human energy body and briefly introduces planar theory. Contrasts the author’s method of programming with the method commonly taught in the OEC, and explains why shelling is unnecessary. Touches on what kinds of things can be perceived in a construct and how to examine them closely to improve your skill. Overviews several types of constructs such as shields and wards, guardian constructs, and constructs that influence the physical plane.
  • Seal seminar 2by Miri
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Aura Sight: To See What Others Stopped Seeingby Snowind
    Explains what an aura is and how it can be seen either with the eyes or with Kirlian photography. Describes how to see auras with your peripheral vision by focusing on the person’s third eye chakra (Note: this method is similar to the eye fatigue method of “aura sight” and has more to do with the physiology of the eye than with actually seeing energy. Please research and proceed with caution.). Includes a list of colors and possible meanings (though these can vary depending on the person), as well as information about what can affect the colors seen in the aura.
  • Short Exposition of the Mind-Split theory and its Importance in Astral Projectionby Clarknova
    A summary of Robert Bruce’s Multiple Mind theory from his book Astral Dynamics, and how it relates to psionics. Includes a description of some of the layers of the human energy body, and some of the author’s own experiences.
  • FAQ: Other Skillsby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about various topics including scanning, remote presence, clairovoyance, remote viewing, auras, phasing, meditation, and talking to one’s sub-conscious.
  • Human Energy Workersby Winged Wolf
    Describes how the energy systems and fields of various types of human energy workers look, including Non Non-Actives, Faith energy users, Regnant energy users, Earth energy users, Born-ons, Psi-vamps, Energizers, Transmutates, Life energy users, Veil energy users, and Quantum energy users.

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