• The Telepathy Manualby KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad
    A very comprehensive manual of telepathy compiled by three telepaths. Includes definitions of many telepathy related terms, methods to prepare for telepathy, and ways to find your target. Also describes methods and uses of several telepathic techniques including pinging, pulse sending, broadcasting, scanning and probing, suggestion, projection, forced hallucination, and hacking.
  • Telepathy Training Initiative – Beyond Shapes and Colorsby Wayfarer
    A proposed protocol for training telepathy in small groups, based on research done by government agencies for what has been found effective.
  • On the Thought Processes of the Majority: A Telepath’s Analysisby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    An intriguing analysis of three different patterns of thought (Word thinkers, Slow Concept thinkers, and Fast Concept thinkers) and how the patterns play into both understanding others and being understood by others telepathically.
  • Telepathyby Rainsong
    Explains what telepathy and empathy are, and how surface thoughts can be broadcast (often unintentionally). Gives an exercise for sending thoughts, noting that it is important to both hold the whole thought in mind and keep focus on it. Describes how the exercise can be adapted for distance-sending. Includes suggestions for further reading.
  • Telepathic Pulse-Sending & Force-Bubblesby Rainsong
    A chat-log of a class about trouble-shooting the construction of force-bubbles, sending information by means of a psiball, a quick introduction to Soviet-style pulse-Sending, and some discussion about telepathic practical jokes.
  • Sendingby Rainsong
    (Modified from PSC Seminar which ran on March 17 in the annex) As you know, “Sending” is a slang term for any sort of projecting telepathy or empathy or related activities. “Receiving” would be the picking up of a Sent signal, and several kinds of “Scanning” are active seeking of such signals. Generally speaking, simple […]
  • Telepathy Exerciseby Kobok
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Telepathic Suggestionby Myriads (aka Myriad)
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Psychoenergetic Fields and Crowd Controlby PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller)
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Orion’s Lessons Seriesby Orion
    Rather than being an introduction to general psionics, this series covers the methods used specifically by the author. Tends to use energy manipulation for all techniques, even those that are mainly mental.
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Feeling and Manipulating Psi (also published on Shifted Perspectives as Feeling and Using Psi)
    Lesson 3: Understanding Constructs
    Lesson 4: Grounding
    Lesson 4.5: Binding
    Lesson 5: Basic Empathy
    Lesson 6: Basic Telepathy
    Lesson 6.5: Telepathic Suggestion
    Lesson 7: Basic Remote Viewing
    Lesson 8: Linking, a How-To
    Lesson 9: Basic Scanning
    Lesson 10: Basic Astral Projection (never posted)
  • Different Views: Physical to Non-Physical: E.S.P (Part 2)by Float
    Expands upon the idea that telepathy can be better understood when looked at in the context of communication. Addresses how to more effectively receive information, as well as how to more effectively send information by projecting the whole sensory experience, including body language, rather than just trying to beat a phrase into someone’s head.

  • Different Views: Physical to Non-Physical: E.S.Pby Float
    Examines telepathy in the context of communication, noting that body language and tone are a very significant part of communication, and thus telepathic communication can be enhanced by projecting not only the message but also the physical and emotional aspects as well.
  • The Uses of Psiby JediKaren
    Describes some common problems that newbies tend to have with practicing (lack of motivation, no teacher, not knowing how to train or use abilities in everyday life). Explains situations in which various abilities can be used, including empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote presence, scanning, psychokinesis, meditation, astral projection, precognition, healing, and constructs. Warns against using psi in ways that could ruin your reputation or those of psions in general.
  • Psionics, how to get better without practiceby Stolide Demens
    Explains how to incorporate psionics into everyday life so that separate practice sessions are no longer necessary. Lists ideas for telepathy, psychokinesis, empathy, energy manipulation, clairvoyance, and healing.
  • How to Learn Telepathyby Shadowarrior13 (aka XIII) & Hech
    Introduces the basics of how to send and receive telepathically via visualization.
  • The Basics of Visualizationby DevilsAdvocate
    Explains that while visualization itself is not programming, it can be used to conceptualize complex and abstract ideas solidly enough that the mind can program them into constructs or communicate psychically, like with telepathy.
  • Scanning Seminar Logby Stony1205 & FrozenFlames (aka Hech)
    An exercise in a couple methods of telepathic linking and probing. Includes tips on following the flow of someone else’s thoughts, as well as how to break the link.
  • Telepathic Projectionby RainTurtle (aka Rainsong)
    Discusses various kinds of mind to mind transmissions including telepathic and empathic projections, as well as how to project a mental “gesture”.
  • Pre-Telepathy Exercisesby Rainsong
    Describes several exercises that can help for learning telepathy and improving focus, including sub-vocalization, coloring drawings with psi, and replaying emotional scenes.
  • The Basics of Telepathyby SheepKing
    Explains the various types of telepathic sending and receiving, including direct sending, broadcasting, direct receiving, and “aggressive receiving” (a light form of probing).
  • Telepathic Linking and Scanningby Annie
    Describes “tendril” and “utility belt” techniques for linking, and how to receive or probe for ‘pathic data by pulling it through the link.
  • More About Pings… sort ofby Rainsong
    A detailed explanation of practicing visualization and “moving without moving” in the context of learning to ping. Includes the “blank canvas” method for sending or receiving telepathically.
  • Guess The Fruitby Rainsong
    Describes how to practice telepathic sending and receiving with the game Guess-the-Fruit. Includes a helpful list of common fruits and vegetables.
  • Fun Things to do with Telepathic Projectionsby Rainsong
    Describes how to practice telepathic sending and receiving by projecting visual images or other sensory data to partners. Gives several suggestions for games involving this technique.
  • Empathy & Telepathy: The Right Touchby Annie
    Describes how the author experiences empathy and telepathy as a continuum rather than distinct abilities, and how in her work she often picks up ‘pathic information about the person when she touches them. Includes recommendations for developing this kind of sensitivity.
  • Broadcasting and Pingingby Annie
    Explains how telepathically broadcasting is similar to mentally shouting. Includes a good explanation about what pinging actually is–in essence, pinging is to telepathy as psiballs are to energy work.
  • Telepathy Seminarby KMiller
    A seminar based on The Telepathy Manual by KMiller, Rainsong, & Myriad. Compares telepathy to remote viewing, and covers clearing the mind, psi signatures, pinging, and links. Answers questions from those who attended, includes practice sessions.
  • Ways to Build your Psionic Abilitiesby Yumper
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy, psi manipulation, scanning, and remote viewing, including: Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Guess the Fruit, Scanning a Partner, Remote Viewing, Pass the Construct, and Remote Presence.
  • Noon Class 4: Thought Ability Practice, Emotion Ability Introductionby Winged Wolf
    Thought input and output ability practice. Introduction to emotion input and output abilities. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Noon Class 3: Shield Checking, Thought Ability Introductionby Winged Wolf
    Shield checking practice via scanning. Introduction to thought input and output abilities. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 4: Thought Ability Practice, Emotion Ability Introduction and Practiceby Winged Wolf
    Thought input and output ability practice. Introduction to and practice of emotion input and output abilities. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Evening Class 3: Shield Checking, Thought Ability Introductionby Winged Wolf
    Shield checking practice via scanning. Introduction to thought input and output abilities. Includes techniques and practical exercises.
  • Various Exercises For Development of Psi Abilitiesby Psion Guild
    Outlines games and exercises for sensing energy, sensing heat, mirroring another person by following their energy, pushing with energy, predicting (whether through telepathy, remote viewing, or precognition) what cards will be dealt next, games to play with energy when around crowds of people, identifying signatures, construct creation, shielding and cloaking, and psionic modifications of the game of chess.
  • Thought Output Abilityby Winged Wolf
    Methods for practicing projecting thoughts with a partner (linking and sending the information with one’s third eye) and without a partner (projecting suggestions to people at a mall and seeing how they react).
  • Thought Input Abilityby Winged Wolf
    Methods for practicing sensing thoughts with a partner (linking and sensing the information with one’s third eye) and without a partner (observing people at a mall).
  • Sensitivity Manual: How to Spark it and Keep it Growingby Gnome
    An explanation of awareness and exercises on increasing, shrinking, and moving one’s awareness, identifying signatures, scanning, telepathic scanning and sending, and using an overload trance to increase awareness. Includes some warnings about the pros and cons to increasing awareness.
  • Psi-Gamesby SheepKing
    Various types of games and exercises meant to help improve telepathy and psi manipulation, including: Colors and Shapes, Guess the Fruit, Ping-Pong, Wall Projection, Hack-And-Seek, Field-Scan, Psi Conductor, Pass the construct, Beach Ball, Cooperative PsiBall, and Psi-Paintball.
  • Introduction to Psionics and Dealing with Skepticsby KMiller
    Tips on preparing to enter the world of psionics, changes that can be expected, how this can affect friendships and tips on deciding who to trust with knowledge about your new abilities, where to get scientific evidence for psionics for skeptical friends, how to handle religious friends. Also includes a very helpful introduction to practicing and learning telepathy and psychokinesis.
  • Telepathy Survival Kit: Warning and Rescueby KMiller
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Telepathic Suggestionby ILuvEire
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Telepathic Suggestionby Yo Yo
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Article on Linking, Pinging, Sending, Receivingby Master Wolf
    Summary forthcoming.
  • Sending and Receivingby Stolide Demens
    Gives the step-by-step basics of sending, linking, broadcasting, pinging, pulse sending, and receiving. Approaches the techniques from an energy work perspective rather than purely mental.
  • FAQ: Telepathyby Shifted Perspectives
    A list of answers to commonly asked questions about telepathy, practicing it, and what is possible. Includes a description of what practicing with someone who has shields up for blocking telepathy may feel like.
  • The Basics of Awareness and Sensitivityby Neveza
    Explores why sensitivity is important to the practice of psionics and reasons why sensitivity may differ between people. Explains how focusing your awareness with meditation can help to increase sensitivity. Also addresses how to control sensitivity through shields (though the author does not recommend these and explains why) and mental control via willpower.
  • Explorations of the Energetic Bodyby Stolide Demens
    Theorizes that the energetic body is essentially a thoughtform created by the person’s thoughts (and others’ thoughts about the person), as well as how this relates to phoenixes/generators and therians/otherkin. Describes the mental body and how it relates to telepathy, and gives an overview of common structures in the energy body including meridians and chakras.
  • A Glimpse of Omniscienceby Stolide Demens
    Theorizes that if “parallel time lines” are taken into account, then everything is known by someone somewhere at some point. Further, since energy is present outside of time and space and thus accessible no matter where or when it is, and thought and knowledge are contained in energy, it would be possible to access everything known by accessing the energy. The author describes a construct he created to scan for particular bits of information, assess the accuracy, and provide it to him telepathically. He notes that the method is limited by his ability to accurately receive the telepathic data.
  • Cloaking Shieldsby Stolide Demens
    Explains what cloaking shields are and outlines how to program several types of cloaks including a general telepathic suggestion cloak (“I am not here” or “I am a tree”, for example), an empathy cloak (for hiding your emotions or broadcasting some other emotion entirely), and a psi signature cloak (for hiding your signature or broadcasting a different one). Includes tips for use during combat.
  • A Step Guide to Telepathyby Jonn
    Breaks down telepathy into three steps: meditation, identifying your target, and sending/receiving. Includes basic visualization and “just do it” methods.
  • Telepathy Lecture and Practice Logby Peebrain
    Telepathy sending-receiving practice, including step by step instructions on how to send and receive, as well as troubleshooting and Q&A.
  • Perception Q&Aby PsiPog
    Answers to various member-submitted questions about psionic perception abilities, including scanning, pinging, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, etc.
  • A breifing of most everything concerning Telepathyby Nervous
    Summary forthcoming.
  • The Basics of Telepathyby Neveza
    Does not contain any techniques, just basic theory on what telepathy is, the uses and drawbacks of links, using constructs to ping, and what distinguishes broadcasting from direct sending. Mentions practicing sending and receiving with shapes and colors or guess the number games.
  • Ouch! The Dangers of Psiby NeoPsychic
    Covers psychokinesis, energy manipulation, and telepathy, as well as briefly covering empathy, remote viewing, and astral projection. Describes what the author considers to be beginner, intermediate, and advanced forms of the abilities, although they are rather arbitrary and in many cases very ill-informed, as well as the various possible dangers that the author believes may accompany each. Suggests shields as the solution to most of the problems.
  • Telepathy Practice of February 20, 2005by JediKaren
    The log of a telepathy sending and receiving practice session. Included shapes & colors and numbers.
  • Remote Viewing Practice of January 29, 2005by JediKaren
    General introductions to what remote viewing and telepathy are, a shapes & colors telepathy practice session, and an empathy practice session.

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