Channeling: New Discoveries on an Age-Old Phenomenon – Dr. Helané Wahbeh

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Channeling has played a pivotal and important part in humanity for as long as such things have been recorded (e.g. Delphi Oracle in Greece, Moses, the Virgin Mary, and Muhammad). Numerous world cultures conduct channeling rituals regularly and believe channeling is important and real. Channeling is an umbrella term for the communication of information to or through a live human, from a source other than the physical as we know it. Despite channeling being practiced around the world, little is known about how channeling works. IONS hopes to shed some more light onto the phenomenon through our comprehensive research program on channeling. Tune into to hear the Principal Investigator, Dr. Helané Wahbeh, give an overview of the results the program has found thus far. She will share with us some of her experience and preliminary findings on full trance channeling and where the research project is going next!

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