Meditation and Cultivating Healing – Dr. Tom Spector

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How do we create calmness and clarity in our every day experiences?

Once again, Tom Spector comes to the Rhine to share his knowledge about  Meditation and Healing. With over 40 years experience, Tom’s teachings are crystal clear and easy to follow. It’s for everyone, even people who believe they could never meditate.  They combine profound meaning with light humor.  Tom has a special gift for helping people understand the root causes of their suffering and how to create healing, while covering topics that allow significant change:

  • How your busy mind causes unrest by striving to control you.
  • How to train your mind to serve you.
  • How to create calmness and clarity and gain new insight.
  • Healing techniques for relief from stress, worry, fear, anxiety and pain.

Tom’s presentation is based on his book, Our Two Gardens: How to Cultivate Healing and CD, Meditation and Healing.  Learn more at

Hosted by the Rhine Research Center, click for more information or to register to watch this event live, online.

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