PK is Real: New Findings From The Rhine Research Center – John G. Kruth

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PK, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind-Matter Interaction. It is often portrayed on TV shows and in movies as a powerful force that allows some amazing people to bend metal, move objects through the air, stop moving vehicles, and sometimes levitate or fly through the air.  These abilities seem too wild to believe and purely fictional. In fact, many scientists will proclaim that PK can’t be real or we would already be able to measure it and use it in our daily lives.

John G. Kruth, the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center, has been studying PK for over 5 years in very controlled laboratory experiments. The vision of PK you see on film is fiction, but mind-matter interaction is a very real phenomenon!

In this presentation, Kruth will describe some of the extraordinary events that have been observed in the Rhine lab and the steps that have been taken to better understand how PK might occur.  These effects have not only been demonstrated on physical devices, but also on electronics like computers, cell phones, and similar devices that we come into contact with every day.

Could you be having unconscious PK effects on objects around you?  Might your computer be reacting to your emotions?  Join us and learn about this groundbreaking research that is sure to open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and demonstrate that PK IS REAL!

This research work was partially funded by a generous grant from the BIAL Foundation

Hosted by the Rhine Research Center, click for more information or to register to watch this event live, online.

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