The Casino as a PK Classroom – Dr. Joe Gallenberger

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What are the advantages of using the casino versus an experimental lab for the study and training of psychokinesis (PK)?

Dr. Gallenberger joins us to give an overview of his experiences with PK  in university labs, at the Monroe Institute, and a Las Vegas casino. He will emphasize discoveries from his 20 year exploration using a casino as a personal PK experimental laboratory.  Playing with small amounts of money in the casino intensifies a person’s attention, and the betting process provides immediate, real-world feedback, enabling adjustments and the fine-tuning of energy sending abilities.

Dr. Gallenberger discusses ways to create the peak energy needed for strong PK, healing, and manifestation experiences. Some people who used his methods have reported transformational experiences, including PK, instant healing of chronic health conditions, new-found ability to heal others, deepened intuition, and dramatic manifestations of abundance.

Hosted by the Rhine Research Center, click for more information or to register to watch this event live, online.

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