The Psychic Spy and the Psychic-Spy Handler: True Stories of Star Gate – Joe McMoneagle & Dr. Ed May

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When the US government officials learned of the Soviet governments work on extrasensory perception techniques in early 1970, they were both intrigued and alarmed. It was the height of the Cold War, and the two superpowers were hotly engaged in espionage. US intelligence agencies were then introduced to a form of ESP known as remote viewing which enabled trained psychics to describe distant locations and locate hidden targets around the world.

From 1972 to 1995, the US military and multiple intelligence agencies recruited and trained psychic spies to assist intelligence collection activities using remote viewing techniques. These special individuals were working on top-secret and classified government activities, providing information to top military officials and politicians for nearly 20 years. This program came to be known as Stargate.

Two of the program’s most prestigious participants, Dr. Edwin C May, a program scientist from 1975-1995 and research director for nearly 10 years, and Joseph W McMonagle, the first psychic recruited for the program, will speak together and share a behind the scenes account of this historic and unique government program.

This is a rare opportunity to hear true stories of military espionage.

Hosted by the Rhine Research Center, click for more information or to register to watch this event live, online.

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