When Psi Events Happen in Psychotherapy, What Are They For? – Dr. Jim Carpenter

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Starting with Sigmund Freud, psychotherapists have been noting and puzzling over instances of apparent psi that pop up in their therapy sessions.

Most don’t seem to report these things, but enough do that it is fair now to not just wonder about whether the experiences are real, but try to understand why they happen, what patterns they seem to act out, and how therapists might best use them when they occur as part of the process of the client’s growth and healing.

Dr. Carpenter will discuss a handful of such incidents in some detail and offer some ideas about what their unconscious “purpose” is in psychotherapy, and how they might be better understood and appreciated, and best used to aid a client’s conscious and unconscious therapeutic goals.  This talk will be of interest to counselors and therapists who are curious about psi.

Hosted by the Rhine Research Center, click for more information or to register to watch this event live, online.

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