And so, after an almost three and a half year hiatus, I’m re-opening Sunora.

I originally decided to close it because I was frustrated by the apparently inaccurate information in most of the OEC’s articles. However, over the last couple of years a lot of the old sites have closed and the articles that are available now are even less helpful. I found myself constantly referencing backups of Sunora to help people who were floundering at learning basic skills.

I’ve updated the site and trimmed down a few of the bells and whistles that I experimented with but that were never used, and I’m focusing on what my original goal for Sunora was when I started it almost exactly eight years ago: to gather all the helpful resources I can find into one, well-organized location so that anyone who wishes to learn energy work, psionics, or psychic abilities can do so without having to sort through massive numbers of forum posts, articles, and chat logs (many of which are no longer online). It is my belief that many of these techniques and skills form an important foundation for successful magickal practice, and that a clear index of people’s experiences and research–what is known already–will allow the OEC to move forward with actual practice and experimenting with more advanced techniques, rather than wasting time having to reinvent the wheel.

The name Sunora, fittingly, is the Greek word for frontier–which is what energy work, psionics, and magick is: a field where much is unknown, and anyone willing to put in the time has the potential to contribute.

The shape of the OEC has changed quite rapidly as internet communities tend to, but what hasn’t changed is the people wanting to learn, practice, and collaborate on projects involving all of these various abilities. As always there is no substitute for individual practice when it comes to learning the basics, but it is through experimenting, sharing, and testing ideas with other people that advancements are made.

~Please Pardon the Dust~

Because so many of the communities and sites have gone offline, and because wordpress has changed a lot of things since last time I seriously used it, it is taking me a while to get everything working again. A lot of features have to be recoded (including the search function), formatting and organizational issues ironed out, and over 930 urls individually checked and in many cases relinked to backups on If you’re having trouble finding something (or generally have ideas for the site–now’s the time 🙂 ), feel free to PM me on irc ( nick: ShadowRain) or discord (ShadowRain#5988).