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  • True Country 09-23-2018 by Drew W.
    This week will begin a two-week (famous last words) series on Lovecraft’s concept of The Silver Key, an artifact that his alter(anti?)ego Randolph Carter uses to regain access to the collective Dreamlands that we explored in detail during our month-l […]

  • Physics and Consciousness with Saul-Paul Sirag 09-22-2018 by jmishlove
    Saul-Paul Sirag is author of ADEX Theory: How the ADE Coxeter Graphs Unify Mathematics and Physics. He is also author of an Appendix titled “Consciousness: A Hyperspace View” that was published in the 1993 edition of Jeffrey Mishlove’s book, The Root […]

  • Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: VII. SurvivalAfterDeath | CienciasPsíquicas 09-21-2018 by Carlos S. Alvarado
    Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsycholohy Foundation The site SurvivalAfterDeath | CienciasPsíquicas, in Spanish, has much information about psychical research, particularly about mediumship and the topic of survival of death. There is […]

  • On the One True Geomancy (or Astrology, Alchemy, Etc.) 09-20-2018 by polyphanes
    Within reason, of course, I enjoy fielding questions from my readers through social media, whether it’s through @s on Twitter or messages on Facebook.  I do my best to answer them as they come, and I generally have an answer, though it might take me […]

  • Talking Tarot and Off-Grid Living with Avalon Cameron 09-19-2018 by Gordon
    This week, we welcome hereditary witch, tarot creator and new Huon Valley neighbour, Avalon Cameron, onto the actual farm for a face to face chat. Our wide-ranging discussion explores growing up both weird and Brazilian in regional Australia, the goo […]

  • Sound And Healing with Eben Alexander 09-19-2018 by jmishlove
    Eben Alexander, MD, is a former professor of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School and author of Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven, and (with Karen Newell) Living in a Mindful Universe. Here he describes the use of ultrasound in medicine and then g […]

  • Interested in becoming a dream researcher? Here’s how I do it as a community builder 09-19-2018 by Lee Adams
    If you are interested in becoming a dream researcher, it should be known—it is not for the faint of heart. Most of us who are interested in dreams want to understand some deeper meaning in our lives. Or we are searching for something that we don’t fu […]

  • Al Borealis Created a Podcast That Dives Deep Into Topics That Matter |389| 09-18-2018 by Alex Tsakiris
    Forum Borealis is a podcast unafraid to tackle the big picture questions of life, consciousness and conspiracy. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Al Borealis to Skeptiko. Borealis isn’t his real name but that’s part of the stealthy i […]

  • 102. Judika Illes // Intellectual Archæology, Spellcraft, Tarot & Occult Detective Fiction 09-18-2018 by Occulture Podcast
    If you’re like me and you’re a fan of short stories, detective fiction and the occult, then a book like The Weiser Book of Occult Detectives is something you rush to pick up at the old brick-and-mortar. So imagine my delight when that exact book arri […]

  • Happy Days of the Cyprians 2018! 09-18-2018 by polyphanes
    For those who keep track, today marks the beginning of the Days of the Cyprians 2018, with yesterday having been the feast of Saint Cyprian of Carthage, and with September 26 being the feast of Saint Cyprian of Antioch with Saint Justina and Saint Th […]

  • Original Greek and faithful transcriptions up for two ancient Hermetic prayers! 09-18-2018 by polyphanes
    As many of my readers know, I have my Etsy shop set up for the things I make.  I tend to stick to beadwork nowadays, bracelets and necklaces and chaplets and rosaries and that sort of thing as well as my ebooks (which you can also find directly on my […]

  • Acoustics and Healing with Karen Newell 09-18-2018 by jmishlove
    Karen Newell is coauthor (with Eben Alexander) of Living in a Mindful Universe. She is also co-founder of a company called Sacred Acoustics. Here she describes her journey of becoming a better meditator. She found that her chattering linguistic brain […]

  • The Turquoise Prince 09-18-2018 by Drew W.
    “My way is hot sand. All day long, sandy, dusty paths.” C.G. JungI won’t lie, all of the recent mediasyncs with the desert ecology lately have been really pleasing to me. The best example is the launching of the second season of Desert Oracle Radio. […]

  • A nice conversation with Higherside Chats! 09-18-2018 by Carl
      I was recently in conversation with Greg Carlwood from Higherside Chats. It turned into a great podcast that you can find HERE! This is from their website: ”Folks, it’s probably no surprise to hear that magical activities are going on within our wo […]

  • Oculi Occultati Unboxing 09-18-2018 by Gordon
    So, some of you know I have a new witchy neighbour here in the Huon Valley. Avalon Cameron, notorious tarot nerd. Not only is this very good news in general but it is also very good news in the specific situation of when your Scarlet Imprint package […]

  • Working with Sacred Space: What I learned about Magical Temples. 09-18-2018 by Frater Acher
    It’s been four full years of ritual magic abstinence for me. Now this time is coming to an end. Next week, I’ll be consecrating my new temple, and then slowly from there begin to engage with it: Take all my time to realise its beings and patterns, to […]

  • What Is Evidence To You? 09-16-2018 by Gordon
    An unusual few days. Firstly, I was without internet for about twenty hours which would have made me throw the hissiest of fits had it not also happened to my new favourite Huon Valley denizen, Avalon Cameron, who also had videos waiting to upload. M […]

  • On Gender in Magic, or, What to Rename Puer and Puella 09-16-2018 by polyphanes
    Twitter is always full of fun people.  Yeah, the platform is garbage and full of Nazis, white supremacists, TERFs, and a variety of alt-right douchebags, but it’s also been the platform I’ve been on for the longest sustained period of time going back […]

  • Uri Geller and Parapsychology in the 1970s 09-15-2018 by Carlos S. Alvarado
    Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation Here is the abstract of an interesting thesis in history about Uri Geller and parapsychology in the 1970s. Uri Geller and the Reception of Parapsychology in the 1970s, by Jacob Older […]

  • I was on a podcast over at My Alchemical Bromance! 09-14-2018 by polyphanes
    Personally speaking, my preferred medium is the written word.  I get to clarify and refine my thoughts into an actually acceptable format, it’s easy to peruse if you have time or skim through if you don’t, and searching through it is trivial with mos […]

  • Through The Gateway, Deeper Into Death: An Essay/Review Stimulated by Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. 09-14-2018 by cttart
    [This essay started off with an intention to be a highly positive recommendation for Eben Alexander’s just published book Proof[…]

  • #75 Eric Wargo Precognition 09-14-2018 by fahrusha
    Time Loops by Eric WargoTo listen click HERE Fahrusha welcomed Eric Wargo, author of Time Loops and The Nightshirt blog to “Shattered Reality Podcast.” Time Loops is an intensive look at precognition. Dr. Wargo covers premonitions, presentiments and […]

  • The Cosmic Doctrine: The Building of the Atom 09-13-2018 by John Michael Greer
    This week we continue a monthly discussion of The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune, which I consider the most important work of 20th century occult philosophy. Climb in and fasten your belts; it’s turning out to be as wild a ride as I expected. If you […]

  • Talking The Lord of the Rings with Dr Becca Tarnas 09-13-2018 by Gordon
    This week, Dr Becca Tarnas returns to the show to discuss two of my very favourite things: Imaginal Journeying -including some really useful practical advice on Active Imagination- and The Lord of the Rings. Why it was written, how it was written, an […]

  • 101. Aidan Wachter // Punk Rock, Buddhism, Animism & Practical Magick 09-13-2018 by Occulture Podcast
    Our guest this time around is Aidan Wachter, talismanic jewelry maker and author of the recently released “Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magick”, which is the basis for our conversation here today. This book really struck me in some fe […]

  • Spirit Traps 09-11-2018 by Drew W.
    I suppose it is fitting just how chaotic this week has been, in retrospect. The week previous I picked up Peter Carroll’s Liber Kaos and began going through some of the deeper machinations behind chaos magic, looking for matches to the Lovecraftian M […]

  • Fight Companion: Alan Brunton Talks Cymatrax, Frequency Healing & Tesla Tech + A 5G Warning 09-10-2018 by Occulture Podcast
    Hey yo, so I recently chatted with Alan Brunton, the CEO of a startup called Cymatrax. Alan is planning to launch an app that scrubs white noise and bad frequencies from audio files and replaces them with better frequencies. If you know anything abou […]

  • Digitized Traditional and Renaissance Geomancy Resource List 09-08-2018 by polyphanes
    Time and again recently, I’ve had to flip through a variety of archives to find specific books on geomancy.  These aren’t my normal books, but some of the venerated (and pain-in-the-ass) source books that modern geomancers in the West tend to work fr […]

  • Talking Indigenous Wisdom, Psi and Decolonisation with Dr Amba J. Sepie 09-07-2018 by Gordon
    This week, in an ever so slightly delayed show, we have an ever so slightly brilliant guest, Dr Amba J Sepie. I first encountered Dr Sepie’s work in Damned Facts, which is a Charles-Fort inspired collection of essays by academics who are exploring or […]

  • #031 – The Magical Renaissance with John R. King IV (Imperial Arts) 09-07-2018 by Glitch Bottle
    John R. King IV has spent decades dedicated to the study of demonology and ceremonial magic. He is also the author of the influential tome entitled ‘Imperial Arts’, which relates his first-hand experiences in the evocation and exorcism of 24 demons o […]

  • #030 – Exploring the Many Dawns with Gabriel McCaughry 09-07-2018 by Glitch Bottle
    (Artwork in photo: “I Am The Current” by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal) Gabriel McCaughry is a French-Canadian Author from Montreal (Quebec), and also the founder and owner of Anathema Publishing, which publishes books on the occult, self transformati […]

  • Like One Of Your French Ladies 09-06-2018 by Gordon
    Regional Australian travel was loathsome to me as a child. I didn’t mind the cold bits -the Snowy Mountains, basically. Or the wet bits -any of the tropical or subtropical rainforests. But ‘the bush’? Broad acre farmland interspersed with eucalypts a […]

  • Cognitive dissonance in the occult world 09-06-2018 by Nick Farrell
    You would think that occultists would be at the cutting edge of thought and be ready to look and adapt to new ideas. In fact, new ideas are hard to come by and when introduced are met with a great deal of resistance. Some of this is down to the idea […]

  • A Few Notes on American Magic 09-06-2018 by John Michael Greer
    Over the last week or so I’ve been spending a certain amount of time reviewing some of the things I studied and practiced and wrote about in years long gone. Partly that’s something I do from time to time, but I also had another excuse. Next year Aeo […]

  • Dr. Donald DeGracia, NIH Medical Scientist Talks Yoga and Consciousness |388| 09-04-2018 by Alex Tsakiris
    Dr. Donald DeGracia, breakthroughs in cell research and a deep understand of the yoga/consciousness link. photo by: Skeptiko I have an interview coming up in just a minute with Dr. Donald DeGracia from Wayne State University School of Medicine. Don i […]

  • More on Geomantic Epodes and Intonations 09-04-2018 by polyphanes
    One of my colleagues on Facebook, Nic Raven Run of Ravens Hall Press, asked me an interesting question to follow up on my post on epodes for the elements and geomantic figures from the other day.  In that post, I offered a set of single syllables tha […]

  • Erebos Cthulicus 09-03-2018 by Drew W.
    These will be the final words I have to say on the subject of Mountains of Madness, at least for a bit. It is a huge work and riddled with caves and rifts and crevices that we could repel into for weeks, but I think it would detract from the primary […]

  • Distilling Secondary Figures from a Geomantic Chart 09-03-2018 by polyphanes
    Even after all this time, one of the things I love about the Geomantic Study-Group on Facebook is that it’s actually fairly active, at least as far as geomancy groups go, and it maintains its activity over long durations of time.  Between group chart […]

  • Come See Me and Austin Talk Star Magic, Then Drink With Us! 08-31-2018 by Gordon
    Super happy to finally announce one of this quarter’s secret projects was arranging a live event with Austin Coppock on November 24th. Get your tickets here. The event: Is limited to 100 tickets so we can keep it small enough for everyone to mingle. […]

  • 100. Dr. Amy Hale // Ithell Colquhoun, Alchemy & Golden Dawn Color Theory 08-30-2018 by Occulture Podcast
    You couldn’t ask for a more dynamic personality to be in the house than Dr. Amy Hale, whose work on British Surrealist and esotericist Ithell Colquhoun is the foundation for our conversation here. Amy is a scholar of all things occult and esoteric, a […]

  • The Invention of Walking in Parks | Solo Show 08-30-2018 by Gordon
    Two solo shows in a row? Why, yes. This is technically the September one if you don’t look at a calendar. But it is also a wild ramble through the politics, poetics and metaphysics of walking in public and private spaces. Dedicated with big love to t […]

  • InPresence 0158: Reverse Causation 08-30-2018 by jmishlove
    Jeffrey Mishlove describes a series of research studies in parapsychology that demonstrate causal influences from the future upon both human physiology and behavior. This work has now been widely replicated. Meta-analyses show that the combined resul […]

  • #74 Dr. James McClenon and SORRAT 08-30-2018 by fahrusha
      Dr. James McClenon, sociologist and author of The Entity Letters, A Sociologist on the Trail of a Supernatural Mystery. To listen click HERE. Kate Valentine and Fahrusha welcomed Dr. James McClenon to Shattered Reality Podcast.  He has written a bo […]

  • On Geomantic Energy Centers, and the Via Elementorum Exercise 08-28-2018 by polyphanes
    So, the last post on my system of epodes, or bīja/mantra-like intonations, for the elements and geomantic figures, wasn’t originally going to be a post of its own.  It was originally just a small thing that was going to fall within another post on a […]

  • Erebos Chthonicus 08-27-2018 by Drew W.
    “The spirit of the depths opened my eyes and I caught a glimpse of the inner things, the world of my soul, the many-formed and changing…” C.G.Jung: The Red BookChthonia, the ancient name for Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, the kingdom of Minos, and th […]

  • InPresence 0157: Toward a New Science of Consciousness 08-27-2018 by jmishlove
    Jeffrey Mishlove shares his excitement about new ideas for a science of consciousness developed by his former professor, Dr. Charles Tart, and presented recently in a lecture to the Parapsychological Association. One suggestion is that remote viewing […]

  • On the Elemental and Geomantic Epodes 08-25-2018 by polyphanes
    Ever since I wrote that post about how the physical body can be represented by geomantic figures, I’ve been trying to puzzle something out for myself.  At the end of the post, I introduce the concept of a system of geomantically-derived energy center […]

  • Near and Far Places – Solo Show 08-23-2018 by Gordon
    The August solo show! In the lead-up to the Q3 Premium Member course on Magical Geography, this month we explore the notion of near and far places, cold places, and imaginal places. Colonial ghosts, Antarctica and Ursula Le Guin ahead. Download the e […]

  • Gordon on the Richard Dolan Show 08-23-2018 by Gordon
    This was a super fun discussion. Not only is that generally the case when talking to Richard, but it was intellectually rewarding to go through some of the beats of the Star.Ships thesis with someone so steeped in ufological history. We also had a re […]

  • A Heathen Middle Pillar Exercise 08-23-2018 by
     As promised, here’s a version of the Middle Pillar exercise reworked for Heathen practice. Our working title for this is the Central Axis exercise, as it works with the central axis or Pillar of Mist in the Heathen Tree of Life, midway between the P […]

  • What Not To Teach 08-22-2018 by inominandum
      I was in New Orleans last weekend and visited the New Orleans Chapel of Santissima Muerte, which is now located at Botanica Macumba. I posted a photo and one of my students asked if they should expect a course on Santissima Muerte soon. I simply re […]

  • Mike Clelland, Owls and Extended Consciousness |387| 08-22-2018 by Alex Tsakiris
    Mike Clelland has forever changed how we think about owls, ET and extended consciousness. photo by: Skeptiko I have an interview coming up with Mike Clelland. If you don’t recognize the name, but you’ve heard about this thing with UFOs and owls – tha […]

  • On Fireballs and Pharmakeia 08-22-2018 by polyphanes
    So, as I sit here at my desk trying to ignore the urge to smoke more cigarettes and replace it with eating (way too many) Oreos, I’ve been trying to find simple things to occupy my time with.  Working on my book requires focus, and I’m still working […]

  • Erebos Orbis Tertius 08-22-2018 by Drew W.
    Our subject for the next three weeks will be ‘The Mountains of Madness’ by H.P. Lovecraft. This is, I think, a perfect vehicle to further explore the concepts of animism as they relate to magical thinking and doing in our shared reality.I’d like to b […]

  • Josef Wäges and the Order of the Illuminati 08-20-2018 by Greg Kaminsky
    Josef Wäges, the preeminent scholar studying the Order of the Illuminati, and a prominent Freemason, joins us in podcast episode 192 to discuss the history of the Order of the Illuminati, its founder Adam Weishaupt, the Freemasonic associations of th […]

  • On Hearing Voices with Bruce “Zen” Benefiel 08-20-2018 by jmishlove
    Bruce “Zen” Benefiel describes his life history, as an individual who has heard voices since childhood. Looking back over the decades, he concludes that this has largely been a positive experience — and has enabled him to explore many interior realms […]

  • Review: The Elements of Spellcrafting, by Jason Miller 08-17-2018 by kalagni
    The Elements of Spellcrafting: 21 Keys to Succesful Sorcery – Jason Miller New Page Books, 2017, 9781632651204, 222pp. “It doesn’t matter what I’m teaching them, or what level they’re at, this book will be essential reading for my students.” When I s […]

  • Talking Permaculture and Design Thinking with Dan Palmer 08-16-2018 by Gordon
    This week we welcome to the show permaculture designer and theorist, Dan Palmer. Dan is the host of the podcast, Making Permaculture Stronger, where he facilitates fascinating discussions on what’s right and what’s wrong with permaculture and where i […]

  • The Cosmic Doctrine: The Twelve Rays and the Seven Cosmic Planes 08-16-2018 by John Michael Greer
    This week we continue a monthly discussion of The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune, which I consider the most important work of 20th century occult philosophy. Climb in and fasten your belts; it’s turning out to be as wild a ride as I expected. As not […]

  • #029 – Entering the House of Solomon with Dr. Al Cummins 08-13-2018 by Glitch Bottle
    Get ready listeners for an informative, wild and consciousness-expanding ride into Solomonic and grimoiric magic with author, historian, poet and practicing magician, Dr. Alexander Cummins. We explore Dr. Al’s thoughts on Solomonic magical technique, […]

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