Communities & Organizations

  • Psionic Social Club
    One of the more serious communities around, the chat recently moved to discord, and has been more active during the week in addition to its normal activity on Saturday evenings (5:30pm CST) when Rainsong teaches classes. Topics of discussion often include unusual/interesting applications of energy work and psionics.
    Activity Level: High
    Chat Rules; The Usual Disclaimers; How to Set Up a Game in the Annex; Blog.
    Discord: Chat
  • Domus Kaotica and the Marauder Underground
    More commonly known as the DKMU, this chaos magick-focused community was founded in 2004 when they created the Linking Sigil (Ellis) which originally was designed to make a network out of everything tagged with it, and later became an egregor godform in her own right. More recently the community has been working on connecting the set of godforms they’ve created with already existing currents of magick, creating an initiatory godform cycle for members documented in their Liber LS volumes. Their forum has some activity but their facebook group is extremely active.
    Activity Level: High
    Forum; LS Map.
    Facebook Group
    IRC: Connect to IRC (Mibbit)
       Port: 6667
       Main Channel: #domus
    Discord: Open Invite
  • Omnimancy
    A group that has been around since 1992, they are most well known for their tech, their amps, and their stringent secrecy. The secrecy has led to many varied rumors about their internal practices (some rumors more wild than others), and many people who claim to have figured out Omni tech on their own. Viewing Omnimancy as only elaborate energetic constructs does them an injustice, however–Omnimancy is a full style of magick all its own. Their focus on research and development has made them very good at what they do, though their complete rejection of ritual rubs some people the wrong way. They are primarily an in-person group based in New Jersey, but there is also an online branch of their order called Omnimancy Cyber. Even though the public areas of the site are rarely updated, internally the order is very active in both teaching and experimentation, and they also host a yearly convention of practitioners of all styles called Crucible.
    Activity Level: Low (Public) / High (Internal)
    Forums; Members; Events; Crucible; Application Form (applications are usually processed once a year around January).
    IRC: Public IRC (can only be accessed through their site, no external clients)
  • Studio Arcanis
    Originally formed from the remains of, this community focuses on “advanced” magick. Most of the boards are focused on grimoire and evocation style magick, though there are a few for other topics–including an entire board for Franz Bardon’s work. Note: in order to discourage lurking logging into the forum is required in order to view more than the first post of a thread.
    Activity Level: High
    Forum Rules and Guidelines.
    Facebook Group
  • Wizard Forums
    An active general magick forum. Topics include meditation, spirituality and religion, rituals, goetia, scientific discussion, as well as some more mundane topics. They recently switched to a reddit-like forum software that they coded themselves, which erased all the old posts (they also removed several topic areas in the process). Some old posts can be found on
    Activity Level: High
    Discord: Chat
  • /r/Occult
    The reddit board for occult topics with posts and questions covering a wide range of topics and traditions. Their discord server is very large and hosts a weekly studygroup. Since occult-related discords have a very high turnover rate, the #related_communities channel serves as something of a hub for finding other occult discord communities. Guidlines, FAQ, and links to related subreddits are found in the sidebar.
    Activity Level: High
    /r/Occult Wiki.
    Discord: Open Invite
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
    Founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell in 1973, IONS is a nonprofit organization which focuses on consciousness research and education. Dr. Dean Radin serves as Chief Scientist.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Overview; FAQs; History; Leadership & Staff; What are the Noetic Sciences?; Blog; Contact Us.
  • Monroe Institute
    Founded in 1974 by Robert Monroe, this non-profit focuses on researching techniques and tools for aiding expanded states of awareness like out of body experience. Many workshops and programs are available internationally to learn their various techniques.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    About; Robert A Monroe; Board of Directors; Contact Us; Blog.
  • Occult Corpus
    Founded in 2006, this forum focuses on general magick topics, but does include several boards for specific paths.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Site Guidelines.
    IRC: Connect to IRC (Mibbit)
       Port: 6697
       Main Channel: #occultcorpus
  • Occult Forum
    This forum tries to include discussion of more “ancient” kinds of magick in addition to the modern paradigms, and includes quite a few path-specific boards. While there is a fair amount of activity, there are a lot of low quality posts to sort through.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Forum Rules & Guidelines.
  • Order of the Serpent
    A community for those who follow the Left-Hand Path. Rather than focusing on just one paradigm of the LHP, this community is specifically open to all of them and provides boards for several of the major ones: Setianism, Luciferianism, and Satanism. They also publish The Imperishable Star newsletter and maintain a library of LHP-related books, movies, and podcasts.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Forum; Forum Guidelines; Statement; Founders’ Statement; Contact.
    IRC: Connect to IRC (Mibbit)
       Port: 6667
       Main Channel: #kapalika
  • Society for Psychical Research
    Founded in 1882, SPR was the first organization to research claims of psychic and paranormal phenomena. They are devoted to the science and education of such phenomena without holding an official policy about their existence or meaning. They have a library which allows borrowing books by mail, and they publish the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research and the Paranormal Review. They also host an annual conference as well as other events, and are working on the Psi Encyclopedia which is a free-access online encyclopedia of psychical research containing over a hundred articles.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    About the SPR; Our History; Who’s Who; Psi Encyclopedia; Contact Us.
  • The Rhine
    This institute is based on the work and research of Joseph B. Rhine which started in the 1930s. Not only do they do research in the field of parapsychology, they also publish the Journal of Parapsychology and maintain a library of historical and research resources on the topic. They also provide professional level courses in parapsychology and public events, including monthly meetings to learn or share about psychic topics.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    About Us; The History of the Rhine Research Center; Board of Directors; Contact Us; Blog.
  • The Society for Scientific Exploration
    Founded in 1982, SSE shares original scientific research in both mainstream and paranormal topics. They publish the Journal of Scientific Exploration as well as EdgeScience magazine, and host several conferences each year. They have a forum, though it is almost empty following the site redesign, and an extensive and well-organized list of links to related sites.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Forum; SSE Council; Contact.
  • Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research
    Founded in 1977, AIPR focuses on research of and education about psychic and paranormal experiences. They publish the Australian Journal of Parapsychology, and provide community support (clinical and non-clinical) for those who have had distressing paranormal experiences.
    Activity Level: Low
    About Us; Seeking Help; Contact Us.
  • Order of the Golden Pyramid
    Originally a group that formed on Skype, this community focuses on practical magick and shuns what it calls “armchair magicians”–those who only theorize and study magick rather than actually practicing it. All paths and styles of magick are welcome as long as members actively practice and do not try to proselytize, though qabalah and working with astral tech are the most popular. Lurking is against the rules: an interview is required within 1-2 weeks of arriving in order to become an associate, and a follow up to become a member. Check the #general-rules-and-member-guide channel on discord for the rules and other information about the order.
    Activity Level: Low
    OGP Orientation Document & Rules; Old Forum.
    Discord: Open Invite
  • Parapsychological Association
    Founded in 1957 after the idea was suggested by Dr. J. B. Rhine at a workshop, this international professional organization aids communication between researchers who study psi and psychic phenomena and hosts annual conferences.
    Activity Level: Low
    What is the Parapsychological Association?; History; Bylaws; Board of Directors; Contact Us.
  • Parapsychology Foundation
    Founded in 1951 to support the scientific study of parapsychology, this organization maintains resources for both academics and the general public, including one of the world’s largest parapsychology libraries.
    Activity Level: Low
    About Us; Our History; Staff; Contact Us; Blog; Youtube Channel.
  • The American Society for Psychical Research
    Founded in 1885, ASPR is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. In addition to conducting scientific research, they also maintain a library with many rare manuscripts related to parapsychology. They also publish The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research.
    Activity Level: Low
  • The Lucidity Institute
    A small online organization which focuses on research of and education about lucid dreaming and states of consciousness. They also run workshops teaching lucid dreaming.
    Activity Level: Low
    What is the Lucidity Institute; Contact Information.
  • Veritas Society
    This community focuses not just on psionics, but also on other energy working systems (e.g. chi/body energy) and various systems of magick and spirituality. Their forums are semi-active, and there is occasionally activity in their IRC channel.
    Activity Level: Low
    Forums; Rules; Constitution; About the Veritas Society; Veritas FAQ; Wiki; Mentoring Program; Staff; Copyrights.
    IRC: Connect to IRC (Mibbit)
       Port: 6667, 7000, or 9000
       Main Channel: #VSociety
       Practice Channel: #VPractice
       On-Topic Discussion Channel: #VMeta
  • Windbridge Research Center
    Founded in 2008 as the Windbridge Institute then later converted to a non-profit under the new name in 2017, this organization focuses on scientific research of and public education about death, dying, and the possibility of an afterlife.
    Activity Level: Low
    About; Team; FAQs; Contact Us.
  • PsiWiki
    A community based around trying to create a wiki for psionics. While the site requests that all information posted be as accurate as possible, the community voted a couple years ago to include articles on abilities considered “fluff” or unproven . So while some articles talk about abilities as though they are fact, it should not be assumed that they have actually been achieved by members.
    Activity Level: Low/Inactive
    Forums; Wiki FAQ; Policies; Staff List.
    On-Site Chat: Chat
  • PsyHall
    Like Psionics Forum, this was another attempt to revive the community using an old PsiWarriors forum database backup, so most posts are before 2015. There was some activity and then things took a religious turn and posting died down. The admin renamed the site from PsyWarriors to PsyHall and officially changed the focus from psionics to psychology and spirituality.
    Activity Level: Low/Inactive
  • Mind-Energy
    A blog focused primarily on parapsychology trends and research, the site also has an (unfortunately inactive) forum which includes places for discussing not just parapsychology but also how to develop psychic abilities and find reliable practitioners. The forum also contains an archive of the Skeptiko podcast forum where episodes were discussed.
    Activity Level: Low (Blog) / Inactive (Forum)
    About; Parapsychology Forums.
  • Aeclectic Tarot
    A very useful resource for tarot, the site includes sample pictures of nearly every tarot and oracle deck published, along with descriptions and reviews. There are also introductions to the meanings of the cards and other resources. The forums, once one of the largest and most active forums on tarot and divination, were closed in 2017.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    Forum Archive.
  • Dimensional Doorways
    Focused on the paranormal and UFOs, this is the site on which several of the original, most active members of Psipog met. The site is still online though the community aspects have been removed.
    Activity Level: Inactive
  • Occult Haven
    A small community focused mostly on providing a safe place for discussion. The forums require making an account to view but are inactive. A discord chat was made to help boost activity but it’s mostly inactive as well.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    Discord: Open Invite
  • Orion’s Psion Academy
    A small site consisting of forums. After activity dropped off, Orion posted an apology for his lack of involvement, and then disappeared again. The community was merged with one of its affiliates, Seraphic Forums, which closed soon after.
    Activity Level: Inactive
  • Psi Palatium
    One of the oldest communities in the OEC created 1997, this site hosts a huge database of articles on both psi and various traditions of magick. At one point this community offered forums, chat, and even a standardized certification in various psychic abilities. However, all community aspects of the site are now offline and only the article database remains.
    Activity Level: Inactive
  • Psionic Visionaries
    A small site aiming to bridge the gap between “beginning” and “advanced” psionics.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    News; Contributors; Old Forum; Old Location; Old Blog.
  • Psionics Forum
    When PsiWarriors and Psion Nation went offline, David restored a backup of PsiWarriors forum database from several years back. After a small flury of activity posting died down, then shortly after he transferred ownership of it to Blue.
    Activity Level: Inactive
  • Psionics Institute
    Originally started and heavily recruited for by Sylar, this was a fairly large and active community for several years. JediKaren’s articles were reprinted on the site along with a handful of others. There was a lot of focus on teaching, though the teachers were often quite new themselves. There was a bit of controversy as far as how donations for the site were being used given their non-profit status, as well as the prices that Sylar charged for personal lessons. After some time Sylar disappeared and several of the staff stepped up to continue running the site, which gradually wound down and became inactive. The site still exists though it is very trimmed down compared to what it was, and the forum and chat are offline.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    About us; PI Staff; Rules & Guidelines.
  • PsiOnline
    A small but high-quality community, PsiOnline focused primarily on energy manipulation and skill integration, and tried to stay as fluff-free as possible. Illustrating the unfortunately low reputation of parapsychology in the scientific community, founder Stony1205 announced that, while he would continue to maintain the site, he had decided to stop practicing psionics so that it would not reflect badly on him as he pursued a scientific career. Although the site is no longer active, the articles are well worth reading. Note: the domain no longer works, which breaks some of the links on the site. However, if you replace with in the broken links, they will work.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    Forums; Archived Forums; Policies and Procedures; Mission Statement; List of Staff and Authors.
  • The Library of Knowledge
    One of the older sites started in 1997, TLoK (as it is often abbreviated) is focused purely on direct magick and its different “castes” or paths. It has some very interesting information that is found very few other places, but does use terminology that is a bit non-standard compared to other sites. The community aspects of the page unfortunately have long since closed, but there is still a list of advisors for most of the castes with contact info.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    FAQ; The Hall of Legions; Source Texts and Suggested Reading; Links and Texts; Acknowledgements and Credits.
  • The Psion Guild
    A community that specializes strictly in psi and psionics–discussion of other types of energy and magick is not permitted. Their site lists very ambitious plans for their community, but none of those have been implemented (in fact most of the site except for a theme update has remained unchanged for over 10 years). Their forums are mostly inactive and overrun with spam, the chatroom is empty, and the private facebook group has very infrequent posts.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    About; Forums; Rules; Healing & Defense; Why Form a Guild?.
    Facebook Group
    IRC: Connect to IRC (Mibbit)
       Port: 6660-6669
       Main Channel: #Psion_Guild
       Practice Channel: #PG_Practice
       Class Channel: #Psion_Guild_Classroom
  • PsiPog
    A bit of a legend in the OEC, PsiPog is often held up as everything a psionics community should be. Though it has been idealized a bit, it had thousands of members, an active chat, and many articles. It’s a decent starting point for anyone trying to learn psionics, but be aware that more has been learned since then, so don’t use this as your only source. The archived site remained online for years as a reference, and then Peebrain, wanting to move on with his life, decided to take the site down completely in 2014. A copy of the site is available as part of PsiPog’s downloadable archive here. After the site went offline someone else registered the domain and put up a static page with some parapsychology research resources.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Archived/Offline
    Forums; Terms of Service; News Archive; Polls Archive; Newsletter Archive; Peebrain’s Blog.
  • A Little Weird
    After closing PsiPog, Peebrain created a new blog to explore and discuss events and theories that don’t fit with society’s definitions of “normal” (his lottery and OBE experiments were some of the most well known). He eventually closed the site to everyone who hadn’t already registered, and then, wanting to move on with his life, decided to take the site down completely in 2014. A copy of the site is available as part of PsiPog’s downloadable archive here.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    Forums; Blog.
  • Casa Umbrae
    This community was small but very open minded (overly, in some cases), and practiced metaphysics as a whole rather than distinguishing between psionics, energy work, magick, etc. They believed in pooling resources and knowledge to build a better community and achieve personal goals. The forum is still online but requires a login to view and registration is disabled. The broken photobucket pictures on the main site makes the articles hard to read–copying them into a word document or disabling background images helps.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
  • Metapara
    Formed by the merging of Legacy of Destiny with The Exiled, this site contained a mix of psionics and hermetics, as well as trying to develop relationships with other metaphysical, otherkin, and vampire communities. The old version of the site remains on weebly but the more recent site and the forums are now offline.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
  • Psifight
    Primarily based on IRC, though it did have a small site and forums for a while, this community focused on sparring and combat, as well as some research. The -ICTX addition to IRC nicknames started here. It was generally distrusted by most outside of the community, partially because of their focus on “malefic currents”, partially because they weren’t as concerned with safety as other communities, and partially because spars were rumored to be roleplaying facilitated by bad scanners rather than actual combat. At one point several of the members started the blog to try to firm up their goals for the community, but the community eventually closed and made way for a different research and self-development focused community which didn’t last long. Recently a discord community of the same name formed, with several of the original members, though it is invite-only and not very active.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
    An Introduction; Blog; Old Forums; Rules and Regulations; Ranking System; Teams.
  • Psion Nation
    Originally started by users from PsiWarriors when it closed, this site focused on learning psionic abilities mostly according to the order listed in the “Psion Ability Tier System” developed by Baal Domiel. There was also a significant focus on otherkin, to the point that some members claimed to be able to make people into the ‘kin of their choice. When the site closed some of the members made a reddit post about what happened and created a new discord server, which is still open but has changed into an entirely different community. There was a brief attempt to revive the community using a backup of the site under the new name Psionic Nation (since the old URL had been lost), but there was little activity and the site went offline without warning.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
    FAQ; Glossary; P.A.T.S.; Psion Nation Youtube Channel; Wiki.
    Discord: Open Invite
  • PsiWorld
    Primarily aimed to be a starting point for newbies, this community earned a bit of a reputation for being fluffy. However a decent number of practitioners got their start here before moving on to more advanced sites and there is good information and workable ideas buried in the forums. The forums were moved several times and then closed to make way for the new, more advanced site Shifted Perspectives.
    Activity Level: Inactive/Offline
    About the Site; Old Site (2005-6); Old Site (2006-8) Old Forums (2005-8, Inactive, but still online); Old forums (2008).
  • Active Psy
    Founded in 1993 by Skywind, the exercises for psychic development presented on this site helped many people get started, including PsiPog’s founder Peebrain. The site was archived on PsiPog’s servers in 2002. However, PsiPog and all related sites were taken down in 2014. A copy of the site is available as part of PsiPog’s downloadable archive here.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    About the Authors.
  • PsionicsOnline
    One of the main sites that arose after PsiPog went offline, this site was aimed primarily at helping those who are entirely new to psionics get started. It tried to take a scientific perspective and eliminate fluff as much as possible. A series of server crashes and personal issues lead to multiple partial redesigns and the IRC channels moving around between servers. The site finally went offline entirely after the owner joined Omnimancy, citing a conflict of interest.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    About Us; Danger Disclosure.
  • Shifted Perspectives
    Formed from a merging of PsiLinks and PsiWorld, this site tried to take a scientific approach and encourages maturity and debate about psionic phenomena. While PsiWorld was aimed primarily at those new to psionics, this site focuses more on the advancement of psionics. One of the founders, JediKaren, retired in 2009. The forums (required making an account to view) were expanded to include magick as well as psionics, but then several of the primary members announced their departures and most of the old threads were “cleaned up” and deleted. The site finally went offline in February 2018.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    Forums; The Rules; About; News Archive; Newsletter, About the Authors & Staff.
  • House of Ancients
    While this community developed a reputation for being fluffy because of their ideas about “ancients” and “awakening” the general populace, they were one of the few who didn’t mind demonstrating various energy manipulation techniques for anyone who came by their IRC channel, and they had somewhat of a structure for teaching them as well. Unlike most of the communities at the time, they were also friendly to those who practiced magick, channeled spirits, and who were otherkin/vampires. The site went offline because of personal issues for the founder, who returned to the OEC briefly some time later and then disappeared entirely. A splinter group called Forgotten Ancients continued for a while on IRC before disbanding.
    Activity Level: Offline
  • Parapsychology Practitioners Society
    Originally focused on psychokinesis topics, this community was later expanded to cover all parapsychological topics–both practicing them and research–and later some spiritual topics. One section of their site was devoted to theories of how psi could work scientifically.
    Activity Level: Offline
  • PsiLinks
    A database of links related to psionics. Each link had a short description and users could add comments. As activity began to die down the site was closed to make way for Shifted Perspectives.
    Activity Level: Offline
  • Psiludus
    A small but very active community based primarily on IRC, this community tried to focus on on-topic conversation and teaching classes. There was even one very sparsely attended in-person meetup before it closed.
    Activity Level: Offline
    About Us.
  • PsiStudies
    A community focused on both the practice of psionics and the mechanisms behind the abilities, though the research aspect was eventually dropped. When the site closed, PsionicsOnline was given permission to reprint their articles.
    Activity Level: Offline
  • United Psionics Club
    Originally a merging of PsiMedia and PsiLight, this site was active and had decent coverage of a range of psionic topics. Unfortunately, a combination of personal and technical issues led to it shutting down. Permission has been given to several sites to re-print the articles.
    Activity Level: Offline
    The History of UPC.
  • MyTelekinesis
    This site was notorious in the OEC for being rather fluffy, though there was the occasional good article. The community aspect was built around submitting and commenting on articles, so there wasn’t as much vetting of the information as on other sites, though articles written by “mentors” were listed separately. They focused primarily on psychokinesis, and made up tons of terms for psychokinesis on different objects.
    Activity Level: Offline
  • PsiWarriors
    A fairly popular community that focused on learning psionics to be ready for a coming astral battle. Not the most fluff-free information, but a decent number of people started here.
    Activity Level: Offline

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