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  • Book Review: The Psionic Generator Pattern Bookby Rainsong
    A review of the book The Psionic Generator Pattern Book by John P. Boyle. Notes that this is a book best bought in hardcopy (or printed out, since only the ebook is currently available of both it and its sequel ESP Research Equipment You Can Build Yourself), because it is printed on heavy paper and meant to have the various printed devices cut out of the pages and assembled. Great for anyone who is interested in radionics or dowsing, or who wants something to play with besides a psiwheel.
  • PsiLinkby Kobok
    A web-based PHP script that displays a random image based on a set of images and a true random number generator. Can be used for practicing micro-psychokinesis by trying to influence which image shows up, or for practicing precognition by trying to predict which image will show up.
  • Ganzfeld Meditation Appletby Kobok
    A java web applet designed to help minimize distractions and draw the user into a meditative state. Consists of a moving spiral image combined with white noise and a binaural beat. Includes more technical details about the applet and how to use it.
  • Product Review: The Gateway Experience – Part 1by Peebrain
    A review of A Gateway Experience by The Monroe Institute: a set of 18 CDs of meditation exercises incorporating binaural beats. Describes the exercises presented in each “wave” and the reviewer’s experience with them.
  • ESP Trainer (iPhone/iPod Touch App)by Russell Targ
    A free app for practicing ESP that includes multi-sensory feedback, reinforcement for guessing correctly, and an opportunity to skip a trial that you aren’t sure of (Pass). Helps with training yourself to recognize intuitive “nudges”.
  • Software: Synthetic Wave for Meditationby Peebrain
    A free program that generates ocean sounds from pink noise to aid in trancing and meditation.
  • Eclipse Metaphysicalby Winged Wolf
    A variety of guardian servitors (intelligent constructs bonded to pendants and other stone items), and other constructs. Besides different kinds of pre-made guardians, custom ones are created by request. For more information about the various guardians, see All About Guardian Servitors, How to Choose Your Guardian, About House Guardian Servitors, Misconceptions About Constructs/Servitors, Different Systems, Different Beliefs: Where We Stand, and their Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re thinking about ordering a custom guardian and need ideas, or if you want to search for a guardian with a particular ability, see their List of Abilities page. Occasionally there are also listings for stones programmed with more basic constructs designed to train particular psionics skills, like scanning or telepathy.

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