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  • RuneSoupby Gordon White
    Blog and podcast of author, speaker, and chaos magician Gordon White. His posts tend to be long and have a very interesting perspective, incorporating many aspects of practical magick, divination, “alternative” history, mythology, UFOs, and popular culture. A good place to start is his About page, where he lists several of the most involved and popular posts and series that he’s done in the past. He also offers courses and more in-depth material for a fee.
    Activity Level: High
    About; Youtube Channel.
  • Deeper Down the Rabbit Holeby Andrieh Vitimus & Jason Colwell
    A podcast where the hosts and guests discuss their experiences and push the boundaries of what is considered reality. Topics include metaphysics, culture, the paranormal, and the occult.
    Activity: High
    About Us.
  • Ecosophiaby John Michael Greer
    Blog of author and druid John Michael Greer. In 2017 he closed both of his previous blogs: The Archdruid Report (the contents of which will be published as a multivolume set of books) and The Well of Galabes (which had some very interesting posts that are now archived on his current blog here). His current blog Ecosophia ranges from magick to politics to others of his various interests. While the posts are long, they are interesting and manage to tie into magick somehow by the end. Shorter and more varied posts appear on his Dreamwidth blog Toward Ecosophy, where he also hosts a weekly Q&A session called Magic Mondays.
    Activity Level: High
    Toward Ecosophy Blog; Old Blogs and Essays.
  • Shitty Occult Comicsby Sarah Wreck
    Occult and psychic themed comic strips and memes based off the artist’s life: first growing up as an empath and a channeler and then as a ceremonial magician trying to learn to deal with her abilities. She also writes informational pamphlets for people trying to deal with similar circumstances.
    Activity Level: High
    About; Shitty Occult Comics Facebook; Sarah Wreck’s Stupid Paranormal Fuckery Facebook.
  • New Thinking Allowedby Jeffrey Mishlove
    Interviews and video series hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, who holds a doctorate in parapsychology from UC Berkeley. The interviews emphasize parapsychology topics and feature guests with a wide range of specialties including philosophy, psychology, health, history, science, and spirituality. Some also involve the practical development of psi abilities. The more recent “InPresence” series leans a bit more toward new age thought. Subscribers have access to a members-only forum.
    Activity: High
    About Us; Youtube Channel.
  • Parapsychology: News, History, Research
    by Carlos S. Alvarado
    Blog of author, psychologist, and parapsychology researcher Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado. His posts are often very detailed and full of historical information, pictures, and documents as well as current news about various people and topics in parapsychology.
    Activity Level: Moderate
  • Skeptiko: Science at the Tipping Pointby Alex Tsakiris
    A podcast primarily of interviews of top thinkers about scientifically controversial topics like near death experiences, parapsychology, consciousness research, spirituality, UFOs, and skepticism. Aims to follow the data wherever it leads–for or against–and treat all guests with respect no matter their ideas. (Note: not to be confused with the unrelated skeptic site Skeptico).
    Activity: Moderate
    About; Forum; Old Archived Forum.
  • Uncle Chuckie’s General Store and Death Ray Worksby Uncle Chuckie (aka Charles W. Cosimano)
    Official website for author and psionisist Uncle Chuckie. One of the most well-known psionics and radionics practitioners, Uncle Chuckie is known for his unorthodox ideas and devices for amplifying and directing psionic energy. His site is a bit difficult to navigate, because the information is hidden under “contents” and the various links may lead to a single page or a list of more links, so click around a bit–there is everything from videos to opinion articles to instructions for a great number of radionic devices. Most of his ebooks are also available for free on his site.
    Activity Level: Moderate
    Bio; The Wit and Wisdom of Uncle Chuckie Blog; Youtube Channel.
  • Occult of Personalityby Greg Kaminsky
    A podcast primarily of interviews of serious esoteric practitioners, scholars, and teachers from all over the world. Known for being very high quality. Some of the more in-depth interviews, additional material, and old episodes are only available to paid members.
    Activity: Moderate/Low
    About; Old Blog; Contact.
  • Strategic Sorceryby Jason Miller (aka Inominandum)
    Official website and blog for author, speaker, and sorcerer Jason Miller. A great deal of the blog is announcements for the courses he offers, but there are some posts on magick, and even more in the archives from years back that have a very interesting perspective.
    Activity Level: Moderate/Low
    About; Courses; Consult with Me; Old Inominandum Blog; Old Blogspot Blog; Contact Me.
  • Charles T. Tart Home Page and Consciousness Library Onlineby Charles T. Tart
    Official website and blog for author, psychologist, and consciousness / parapsychology researcher Dr. Charles T. Tart. The blog is updated very infrequently, but past posts include transcripts from his classes at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology.
    Activity Level: Low
    Welcome; About; CTT Brief Bio; Contact Form; Blog.
  • Mind-Energyby Jacob
    A blog focused primarily on parapsychology trends and research, the site also has an (unfortunately inactive) forum which includes places for discussing not just parapsychology but also how to develop psychic abilities and find reliable practitioners. The forum also contains an archive of the Skeptiko podcast forum where episodes were discussed.
    Activity Level: Low (Blog) / Inactive (Forum)
    About; Parapsychology Forums.
  • Sarah Anne Lawless’s Siteby Sarah Anne Lawless
    Official website and blog for author, professional artist, witch, and folk herbalist Sarah Anne Lawless. While her posts are rare they are very high quality and from an interesting perspective.
    Activity Level: Low
    About; Blog.
  • Turtles and Crowsby Keith Miller (aka Wayfarer)
    Personal blog and professional website of author, speaker, and occult researcher Keith Miller. Originally one of the most prolific authors of how-to articles on Psipog, his research and study has expanded significantly since then to both Western and Eastern schools of magick, including Hermeticism and Freemasonry, Tibetan Buddhism, many forms of divination especially Tibetan and Western Astrology, spirit work, initiation and initiatic traditions. He is a Tibetan translator and offers consultations in divination and spirit work/paranormal investigation type matters. While posts are infrequent, they are well thought out and offer an interesting perspective on various aspects of magick.
    Activity Level: Low
    About; Consultations; Tibetan Astrology; Paranormal Investigations.
  • DeanRadin.orgby Dean Radin
    Official website and blog for author, physicist, and psi researcher Dean Radin. Compiles all his (extensive) work into one place, including books, talks, scientific publications, and events at which he will be speaking. He retired the blog in 2016 in favor of facebook and twitter, however the blog remains online and still contains some interesting information.
    Activity Level: Low/Inactive
    Bio; Old Entangled Minds Blog; Contact.
  • Miri’s (In)complete Guide to Constructsby Miri
    Miri’s personal site containing all of his articles and lessons, as well as a few other articles he recommends.
    Activity Level: Inactive
    Site Reviews by Miri; Contact.
  • Winged Wolf’s Homepageby Winged Wolf
    Winged Wolf’s personal website, which used to host quite a few pages of her own theories and observations. She updated the design several years ago which resulted in a bunch of broken links and missing pages. A few things can still be found here but the rest are only available as archived versions.
    Activity Level: Inactive
  • A Little Weirdby Sean (aka Peebrain)
    After closing PsiPog, Peebrain created a new blog to explore and discuss events and theories that don’t fit with society’s definitions of “normal” (his lottery and OBE experiments were some of the most well known). He eventually closed the site to everyone who hadn’t already registered, and then, wanting to move on with his life, decided to take the site down completely in 2014. A copy of the site is available as part of PsiPog’s downloadable archive here.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    Forums; Blog.
  • Ars Falcisby Tomekeeper
    A resource site for necromancy and death magick, written by the same author as The Library of Knowledge site. The information presented has a firm grounding in history and original source texts, as well as the author’s own experiences. The website went offline when the host decided it didn’t want the material associated with its brandname. The October 19, 2012 update at the bottom of this page mentioned the author’s intention to compile it into a book, but no word on that since.
    Activity Level: Archived/Offline
    About; News and Updates; Sources and Texts; Contact; Links.
  • Teneo Nonby Stolide Demens
    Stolide Demens’ personal site containing all of his articles (which have been reprinted by several sites). He took down the site after posting that he was leaving the OEC. Though he later returned the site remains offline.
    Activity Level: Offline

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