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I’ve been working a great deal on the Resources page the last several months. I’ve been astounded just how many resources are available out there, so I added some pages.

Courses & Degree Programs has a list of both stand-alone courses from various organizations and degree programs from universities related to parapsychology. Some are free and/or open to the public, some require being enrolled in the institution, many are available at least partially online. While not many places offer actual degrees called parapsychology, transpersonal psychology includes a lot of topics and ideas that are related, and sometimes actual coursework on parapsychology, so it’s a good place to start.

Journals & Periodicals is a list of scientific journals, magazines, and other periodicals related to parapsychology. There are a *lot* out there, and I tried to gather information about the dates published and where to find them into one place so they were easier to reference. There is a common misconception that not much scientific study has been done on parapsychology–this is actually not the case, but the findings usually aren’t widely publicized so you have to know where to look.

In addition, the Links & Communities page has been split into two:

Communities & Organizations includes OEC and Magick communities as well as parapsychology related organizations–basically anything focused on bringing people together in some sort of community or collaboration. For historical curiosity, most of the main OEC sites–including those that are now offline–are listed with a link to an archived version. As always, if you’re looking for articles from a particular site, you can search for the site name and anything I’ve indexed from it will show up.

Sites, Blogs, & Podcasts includes more personal platforms: websites and blogs of individual people or small groups, podcasts, youtube channels–sites that may provide a platform for discussion amongst readers but that aren’t necessarily focused on forums and communities. Most of the main sites that I pull the Recommended Reading posts from are now listed here.

I hope these new additions are useful, and as always if you find anything I haven’t indexed that you think should be included, please contact me on Discord (ShadowRain#5988).

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