I've decided to close Sunora. Its main purpose has been as a research tool for people in the OEC, except I'm no longer very active in the OEC and I've been realizing just how bad a lot of the articles are, even as a starting point for newbs. Putting in all that work to direct people to inaccurate information was getting frustrating. On top of that, the technical issues have been multiplying and I don't have the time nor desire to figure out how to fix them all. I'd rather use that time to focus on my own magickal practice and study. If you need help finding something, ask me on IRC.

If you're looking for my scanning article, it has moved here. Please update your bookmarks.

If you're looking for good beginner articles and class logs, please look here. Rainsong still teaches classes in #psc_annex on irc.otherworlders.org every Saturday evening (6:30pm EST) [click here to connect via mibbit], so that's a good place to come with questions.